Bra Essentials for Every Woman’s Closet


A wardrobe is never complete until you have gathered the bra essentials to make sure every outfit looks as good as possible. A comfortable bra that provides the right level of support and fits well to your figure is the best way to look and feel good. It’s important to be able to dress for any occasion and with at least one of these bras, we’re sure you will be adequately prepared to pull any outfit choice together.

T-shirt bra

One bra that is an absolute staple piece for any woman’s wardrobe is the humble T-Shirt bra. Perfect for everyday use, from in the office to chilling around the house. The T-shirt bra is the perfect option if you are looking for comfort and support with a smooth silhouette thanks to its seamless moulded cups.

Push-up bra

Another bra essential if you want to add a little oomph to any outfit is a push-up bras, ideal for adding lift to the breast area. There are different levels of padding to choose from to suit your breast size, shape and preference. The push up bra is designed for someone wanting to help define their curves and enhance cleavage when wearing low cut tops and form fitting dresses.

Sports bra

If you regularly work out or participate in sport, it’s important that you own a well fitting sports bra. Having a comfortable sports bra that fits right it’s important because it will allow you to workout to your full potential. A good rule of thumb is that if your sports bra feels tight in the changing room but keeps your chest secure then it is doing its job. A sports bra that reduces bounce and increases chest support is important in alleviating back and breast pain, and in the long term can prevent your breasts from sagging.

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Strapless bra

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect off the shoulder dress only to realise you haven’t got the right bras to wear under it. Fortunately with the help of the right strapless bras, you can get all the support that you need without the show. If you’re unsure of how to wear a strapless bra they fit in the same way as a regular bras, so a good place to start is your normal bra size – if you’re not sure if your bras is fitting well you can check with our size guide. A good fitting strapless bras should fit firmly around the back, so it can give the support that we Bravissimo girls look for (and to stop your strapless bra from falling down!) but it should be comfortable.


Ever since covid struck and we were forced to work from home as a result of lockdowns, the bralette became significantly more popular. Bralettes are a comfy yet stylish option that avoid the hooks and wires and combine elegant lace fabrics and unique designs.

Where to buy bras online?

If you are looking for a trusted online bra retailer that stocks a range of bra types, Bras and Honey is the place to go. Bras and Honey stock luxury lingerie from leading brands and are dedicated to discovering new styles that will enhance every silhouette. Find well known bra brands like Freya, Fantasie, Panache, Wonderbra and more.

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