10 Best Exercises for Women

10 Best Exercises for Women

Many women find a thousand flaws – real or imagined – in their bodies. War is declared on the “wrong” figure, where fitness is the main weapon. But novice athletes make a serious mistake – when they come to the gym, they actively work on only one problem area in order to “fix” it. Not quite the right approach for eliminating excess weight and strengthening all muscle groups. Instead of targeting a specific body part, increase the intensity of your workouts. Let your activities be more varied. In this article we will look at the 10 best exercises for women.

Incline push-ups

It seems that push-ups are a purely masculine exercise. For this reason, women rarely include them in their training program. But who said you can’t do push-ups as well as a trained man? Start with a simpler type of exercise: incline push-ups. In this case, the main load falls on the arms, back, and lower pectoral muscles. The incline push-up technique is standard. Only you will need sports equipment to “lift” your upper body. Use a low stool or a park bench. The lower the support is, the more difficult it is to do inclined push-ups.

Plie squats

Include simple plie squats in your training program if you think you need to properly work on the muscles of your inner thighs. It is to “pump up” this problem area that many women stock up on gym memberships. Plie squats strengthen the inner thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and back. If you do exercises with dumbbells, you will also work on your arm muscles. The plie technique differs from classic squats in the starting position – the back is straight, feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, toes pointing outward. When performing the exercise, make sure that in the lower position, your thighs are parallel to the floor. Don’t forget to rest between workouts.

Gluteal bridge

The bridge is an exercise that even a child can repeat. But do not underestimate it because of its apparent simplicity. Include a bridge in your training program if you want to strengthen your back muscles and spine, and make your buttocks round and firm.

Lie on your back, bend your knees, and place your arms along your body. When raising your hips, make sure that they are at the same level as your knees in the upper position.

Side plank

The plank has long been a favorite and one of the most effective exercises for both experienced and beginner athletes. For men, the exercise helps achieve the coveted “6 pack” on the stomach. But it will be useful for women too! Especially if you prefer the classic technique to the side plank.

The side plank will become your secret weapon in the fight for a slim waist because during the exercise the oblique abdominal muscles actively work. Additional bonuses are toned abs and thighs, strong arms, and a healthy back.

The side plank is easy. Lie on your side, stretching out and straightening your legs, propping yourself up on your left elbow. Begin to slowly raise your hips so that they are in line with your shoulders at the highest point. Hold in this position for 30 seconds.

Swing your legs back

It is difficult to name a more effective exercise for slender buttocks and thighs than the simplest leg swings. A real find for those who are still afraid of “complicated” exercise equipment in the gym, prefer to exercise at home.

Many people have been familiar with leg swings since school; they are extremely simple to do. In parallel with working the back of the thighs and gluteal muscles, you also strengthen your back and train your arms. Get on all fours with your arms straight and alternately throw your legs up.


There is another exercise that is no less useful for strengthening the muscles of the thighs and buttocks – lunges.

Do straight or side lunges, with or without weights. But whatever technique you choose, make sure that your knee is bent at a strict 90-degree angle. Make sure you don’t take too small or too big steps.

Step exercises

Step is the simplest, but very useful exercise for women. This way you train the muscles of your legs and buttocks, strengthen your joints and learn to maintain balance. Ideal for those who still can’t persuade themselves to run in the morning.

Step exercises can become a warm-up before physical activity and a full workout. You will need equipment – a special platform, a box, or a low chair. If you regularly exercise outside, you can use a park bench as equipment.


If you are just at the beginning of your journey towards the goal of developing a beautiful flat stomach, include classic crunches in your training program. The exercise actively “pumps up” all the abdominal muscles and strengthens the back.

Even though crunches are a basic exercise in many fitness programs, this does not prevent beginners from making serious mistakes when performing them. The most serious mistake that can lead to spinal injuries is completely lifting your back off the floor and bringing your chin to your bent knees. “Correct” twists are precisely rounding the back, and not moving to a sitting position! Also, try not to clasp your hands tightly behind your head to pull yourself by the neck and lift your torso.


Do classical exercises seem boring and have become quite boring? Then include elements of yoga in your training program. If you are already quite trained and can handle many difficult exercises, start practicing shoulderstands. It strengthens the muscles of the back, arms, and shoulders, and straightens the posture. This exercise is also considered to be very effective in a comprehensive anti-cellulite program.

Lie flat on your back. Place your legs in such a position that your toes touch the floor behind your head. Then extend your legs straight up. Make sure your neck is relaxed while performing the stance. At first, you can do the exercise against the wall, which will become your safety net and support for your legs.

Running in place

Don’t have enough time and willpower to go for a morning run every day? Then include running in place in your training program. The effect of the exercises is almost the same as from “classic” running on a machine or in the fresh air. But at the same time, this is a more gentle physical activity for the joints and muscles of the legs – what beginners need!

Running in place will help you lose extra pounds and strengthen the muscles of your buttocks and thighs.

The exercise is extremely simple. But there is an important rule when performing it – try to raise your knees as high as possible when running.

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