How to Make Yourself Start Working Out


Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just a favorite hobby but a way of life. Popularization of sports is carried out by all possible methods, many sports companies, pursuing this goal, invest millions of dollars in the creation of new products and goods for sports and healthy lifestyles.

However, most people are still trying to find an answer to the question “How to start working out?”. For some, the practical solution to the task turns out to be an impossible burden. It’s much easier for them to just enter their BetAmo login or chat with friends instead. There is a mass of the most diverse schemes and ways of motivation. But in practice, almost nothing brings the desired results. It’s still possible to start practicing. How to do it? These are the most effective and efficient methods and recommendations that have been tested in practice.

How to Find Motivation for Sports

The first and probably the most important recommendation is to find an activity that you will enjoy. You don’t have to be a gym star, lifting a hundred pounds and squeezing three of your weight at a time. You can exercise effectively:

  • Outside, doing light jogging, pull-ups on the bars, push-ups on the bars.
  • Playing table tennis – speed of reaction and endurance come first.
  • Attending water gymnastics classes. This great sport will help you lose extra pounds and motivate yourself for further achievements.

The list can go on for a long time. Each sport implies a certain level of training of the body, which can be an additional incentive. How to motivate yourself to play football productively if you weigh 120 kg? You will have to engage in a struggle with extra kilograms.

Surround Yourself With Like-minded People

Getting a friend to exercise is easy – do it together! Many experienced grandparents advise us to always stay near people close to you in spirit. In sports, it’s the same situation: create motivation to do sports not only for yourself but also for a close friend.

Some girls feel some discomfort, practicing in the same gym with men. No problem – there is a large list of halls strictly for girls, you can also sign up for fitness groups, where only females work out. 

Evaluate Your Shape in the Mirror

Motivating yourself for a new life is possible by evaluating your reflection in the mirror. Yes, you heard right. It’s enough just to completely undress and look at yourself in full height in the mirror. Do you like it? Most people have the opposite answer. 

The above recommendation can be heard from professional bodybuilders, who cannot imagine life without evaluating the form, standing in front of the mirror. Many began sports immediately after seeing the deplorable state of the body in the reflection.

The big advantage of the mirror as a way of motivation is that:

  • It wont lie about your flaws in proportions or overall shape.
  • Even the smallest flaws are visible in the reflection, allowing you to build a training program with a focus on lagging muscle groups.
  • Your reflection in the mirror shows how the people around you, family and friends see you.

Look for Motivation on Your Own

Live examples of popular fitness influencers or famous bodybuilders can be helpful. There are thousands of videos online, telling us the way from a simple boy to a professional athlete. A lot of videos where sports girls and guys share their secrets of success and the right search for motivation.

Start taking a deeper interest in the industry of fitness or the sport you are interested in, join thematic groups, and take an active part in discussions. The envy of professional bikinistas is an excellent motivation to sports for girls. In the network, there are millions of photos and videos with training programs of world-famous athletes. Get into these topics, force yourself to start small to achieve more.

Create a Workout Playlist

It has been scientifically proven that a musical rhythm of 120 to 140 beats per minute gets us moving. Songs with the right tempo are great for a workout.

So prepare a playlist of your favorite tracks.

Tell Yourself That You Will Only Do a Warm-up Workout

When you feel like skipping your workout, go through all the steps to prepare for it. Tell yourself that you will just warm up and go straight home. Chances are you’ll want to do a series of exercises after your warm-up. And then maybe another one afterward.

Tell yourself after each set that you will finish and go home. Before you know it, you’ve already done a full workout.

Treat Yourself to an Expensive Outfit

Buying a cool gym uniform and sneakers or an expensive membership is an excellent motivator. It’s not uncommon for women to start working out only after they’ve bought a branded top and leggings. Spending a lot of money for the first session is an excellent incentive because no one wants to waste money “down the drain”.

Feel like skipping a couple or three classes? Remember the cost of a season ticket or sneakers, which simply lay under your bed. That way you can force yourself to lose weight and exercise. If you have a lot of money, then sign up with a professional and experienced trainer, the cost of a class with whom will definitely not allow you to rest.


To force yourself to exercise, a bet will help. Set yourself a goal, for example, to lose 10 kg in 3 months. To reinforce your most serious intentions, bet. After this exercise will be much more interesting because your reputation will be at stake.

But don’t set too difficult goals – fiasco at the finish line can discourage the desire to start again to engage in a dispute. Start small, divide the big goal into small stages, overcoming each gradually.

Imagine the pride of yourself when the bet ends with your victory – the authority in the eyes of friends will grow by leaps and bounds! 

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