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How to Cope With Your Fears and Stop Thinking Negatively

Stop Thinking Negatively: Our thoughts create reality. There is a law of attraction in the world by which thoughts attract success or failure. Awareness of fears is the way to conquer them, because the brain does not care whether a thought is positive or negative. Fears have been studied by scientists of different fields: psychology, […]

11 Personality Traits That Could Derail Your Career

There is no standard way in which individuals respond to humans and their environment; it’s unique. It is the consistent manner in which we think, feel, and behave is that psychologists call personality. There are positive aspects to personality traits — People may perceive attributes like self-motivation, long-term planning, innovation, seeking for information/knowledge, and openness […]

Ten Ways to Lead a Happy & Healthy Life in Recovery

Recovery goes beyond just “getting sober.” It involves rebuilding your life from scratch on a stronger, more stable base. Maintaining your sobriety and reaching your goals can both be enhanced by leading a healthy lifestyle. SoCal recovery centers understand the challenges a recovery addict faces. Providing top-notch services and a safe and healthy environment for […]

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