How Long Will My Breast Implants Last?

How Long Will My Breast Implants Last

Breast Implants: One of the most common concerns that patients have before they undergo the breast augmentation procedure is the longevity of breast implants. Those devices are more durable than ever, but each type of implant has a maximum lifespan. That being said, there are many different variables to consider when determining the longevity of implants, and that is why you should spend a little bit of time researching this operation. Here is a quick glimpse at how breast augmentation surgery is carried out, what the typical results look like, and what you can do to preserve those results for as long as possible.

An Overview of Modern Implants

Even though breast implants have been around for many years, modern implants are slightly different than the devices that were used a few decades ago. As a general rule, most implants are now made from a silicone shell that houses some type of viscous material. The material that is used to fill the implant depends on a few different factors. That includes where the implants are going to be placed, the location of the incisions, and the patient’s personal preferences. In most cases, saline implants are easier to place in the breast cavities, but some patients feel as if they are too stiff. Silicone implants, on the other hand, tend to feel slightly more natural because of the consistency of the material. That being said, silicone implants must also be filled before they are inserted into the breast cavities, and that requires larger incisions.

The Average Lifespan of Breast Implants

The lifespan of your new implants is going to depend on some key variables that your doctor will speak with you about during your initial consultation. For most patients, implants are going to last for at least a decade, but some remain in excellent shape for up to 20 years. As long as the patient is relatively healthy and the implants are properly cared for, a lifespan of 15 years is likely. Once the implants need to be removed, the patient can head back to their surgeon to have them replaced. You also have the option of having a breast lift carried out if you want your implants permanently removed.

The breast lift procedure has become very popular, and it is a great option for women who are having their implants removed as well as those who simply want to adjust the position of their breasts. Instead of using implants to enhance the size of the breasts, a surgeon will gently adjust the existing tissue during the lift procedure. Your surgeon might even suggest that you have a lift carried out during the augmentation procedure so that they can make additional changes to the placement of the breasts, areolas, or nipples.

A Look at Your Implant Procedure

Breast augmentation procedures usually take around two hours to complete, and most patients are given a general anesthetic that puts them completely to sleep. Once you are asleep and the treatment site has been marked, your surgeon can make one small incision near each breast. The incisions are typically made along the lower portion of the areolas, but your surgeon might suggest alternative locations depending on your needs. They are then going to insert the implants into the breast cavities and adjust them to create a natural appearance. To complete your procedure, the incisions are sutured shut and a bandage will be wrapped around your chest.

Preserving the Results of Breast Augmentation Surgery

The initial stages of your recovery are going to be very important, and you must follow all of the instructions that are given to you. Following those instructions and staying healthy will greatly reduce your risk of complications. Your surgeon is probably also going to suggest that you avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks while the implants settle. If you ever feel as if an implant has moved or become damaged, then you must contact the surgeon immediately so that they can be replaced.

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