How to Cope With Your Fears and Stop Thinking Negatively

How to Cope With Your Fears and Stop Thinking Negatively

Stop Thinking Negatively: Our thoughts create reality. There is a law of attraction in the world by which thoughts attract success or failure. Awareness of fears is the way to conquer them, because the brain does not care whether a thought is positive or negative. Fears have been studied by scientists of different fields: psychology, biology, physiology, philosophy and many others. A psychologist knows for sure that most human problems stem from the problems he imagines. Let’s break down what fear is, how it arises, and how to break up with it forever.

The problem with fears and their consequences is that negative thoughts are loaded with emotion, and any thought backed by a strong emotion can grow a hundredfold. Fear is an emotion, therefore, when you think about something bad and are afraid, you generate negative energy hundreds of times more than when you just think. The only effective way to get rid of fear is to face it.

Fear and Why They Arise

Scientifically speaking, fear is a signal that shows danger, a negative emotion that a person triggers in his head and thoughts. First, you must learn to control the appearance of these thoughts in your head. Fear gets its power only from yourself: time after time, when you think about fear, you feed it with your own energy.

What You Should Do Instead

You should become aware of the nature of this fear and assess how dangerous it really is to your life, understand what fear entails and what the consequences might be if you don’t experience this feeling in the moment.

If your answer is neutral, and you consciously understand that on the contrary, you would very much like to overcome this fear and put it out of your mind, it means only one thing – this fear is invented and absolutely not dangerous for you. Then you choose the only possible way to part with this fear – to go towards it, that is, to do exactly what you fear, and do it immediately, because the longer you procrastinate and feed your fear thoughts, the more you poison your life and postpone your future results!

How to Fight Fear and Anxiety

There are several techniques for working through fears – they are worth using if you have caught yourself thinking that your fear is made up and has no basis to be.

Confronting Fear

If your fear is not an abstract feeling, but a very specific experience that relates to a positive experience that you would like to have, then the best thing you can do is to take the action that you are afraid of. Believe me, when you do, the fear will recede, and you won’t feel it again. The moment you do this technique, you will have the very experience that you subconsciously lack.

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Shape Shifter

Our brain is capable of thinking only one thought at a time, and we have the right to choose which thought it will be. Therefore, if you are troubled, create in your mind the opposite idea (i.e. a positive one) and repeat it without stopping until you feel calmer.

Self-imposition Is Useful

There are situations when fear seems to envelop us, preventing us from moving forward and living the positive emotions. As soon as you feel your fear gripping you, say out loud: “I won’t let my mind think about it anymore!”

Every time fear creeps into your thoughts, try to counteract it with affirmations like these, repeating them out loud until you feel better. Instead of thoughts that provoke fear (“I’m going to fail this project, I won’t succeed, they won’t believe me, they won’t follow me”), say the opposite of your fear (“This project will be successful for me, I will succeed, I will be successful! They will follow me, I will have a lot of money”). You may not feel instantly free of this fear because it is so ingrained in you, but this technique is very effective. In time you will feel your fear begin to recede, and it is at this point that you should do what you fear, if the fear is related to action.

Think of a Worst-case Scenario

When we are afraid, our mind tends to paint the most horrible pictures of what could happen. When this is the case, the best solution may be to try to face your fear literally. As the saying goes, “make friends with your demons.

The essence of the exercise is this: try to formulate your fear in the form of the phrase “I’m afraid that ….”. Imagine the worst thing that could happen if your fear comes true. Imagine the worst-case scenario, the one you fear the most.

Next, try to rationalize this fictional situation. How will you behave? What way out of this situation can be found? How would the realization of the worst-case scenario affect your life, how would you feel? Try to think in detail of a plan of action for this case, to consider possible ways of retreat.

The point of this practice is that very often it is the unknown, the lack of a clear plan, that scares us, so we tend to exaggerate the danger involved. If you think through what you will do in a given situation, it is very likely that it will no longer scare you. It is important to be honest with yourself and try to think out in advance and accept the worst case scenario, then the fear of the unknown will stop possessing you and will pass with time.

Working Through Fear on a Material Level

Prepare a sheet of paper and crayons or markers. Think about what you are afraid of most of all. Picture a concrete image and put it on paper. Let your imagination loose, remove all restrictions. While drawing, listen to your thoughts and feelings. After you finish drawing, destroy the image of your fear.

There Are Several Ways To Do It:

  • Burn and throw away the ashes.
  • Tear up the paper and send it to the trash.
  • Rework the drawing by turning the image into something kind or funny.
  • Make up your own little ritual.

Do this exercise consciously, completely surrendering to the process. When the ritual is over, listen to your own state. How do you feel when you think about your fear? Has it been alleviated? You can repeat the exercise several times to increase the effect.

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