5 Best Smartwatches With Google Assistant For Women & Men

5 Best Smartwatches With Google Assistant For Women & Men

Smartwatches: Wearing a smartwatch not only looks classy but it can actually help you do many smart and futuristic things via your wrist. And if that smartwatch even supports a Google Assistant, then it is even better!

With the touch or press of a button you can summon Google Assistant and interact with it. From making it tell you about the weather forecasts to asking a joke, there’s a lot you can do with a Google Assistant.

If you are also wondering which is the best smart watch with Google Assistant, then here is a list. All the below mentioned smartwatches support Google Assistant. 

BoAt Watch Vertex

Beauty meets brains and we have a marvel like this! This smartwatch comes loaded with many smart and health-related features that make it worthy of being on this list. The 1.69” display displays vivid pictures and the capacitive touch controls allow you to take charge of everything. 

boAt Watch Vertex

Available in 4 different vibrant colors, this smartwatch will help you achieve your fitness goals. You can even choose from 100+ watch faces and make your smartwatch match your vibe. 

You can rely upon this watch’s heart monitor to keep a check on your heart 24X7 and the blood oxygen saturation monitor (SpO2) allows you to check your blood oxygen levels in real-time. The multiple sports modes help you track your everyday fitness closely.

It also comes with a sleep tracker which gives you important insights on various stages of your sleep cycle. The guided breathing feature is quite useful as it helps you unwind after a long hectic day and manages your stress levels.
You can use this watch to control your music and phone’s camera. You can also access your phone’s notifications, reminders, messages and call alerts.

Wear it everywhere and anywhere as it also supports an IP67 rating which offers it protection against dust, sweat or splashes of water.

boAt Watch Xtend

boAt Watch Xtend

Switch to a smarter ad healthier lifestyle with this super amazing smart fitness watch by your side (more like on your wrist!). 

It comes equipped with a 1.69” color LCD display with a round dial that looks gorgeous. The capacitive touch controls make navigating around the watch easy and seamless. The automatic screen brightness feature is also helpful in looking at the watch in different light settings. 

You also get to choose from 50+ smartwatch faces and match them according to your OOTD.


Take charge of your wellbeing with the real-time health monitoring features. The 24X7 automatic heart rate monitor helps you keep a tab on your heart and the SpO2 Blood Oxygen Level Monitor tells you about your blood oxygen levels. It also supports a stress monitor which is quite helpful in managing stress. 

The guided meditative breathing feature helps you manage your stress efficiently. The sleep monitor gives a detailed analysis of your deep sleep, light sleep, and awake time. The daily activity tracker with 14 sports modes helps you optimize your daily workout.

With this on your wrist, receive all your important notifications directly on your wrist. Stay in control of your music and camera with the curated controls and switch to a smarter life!

Amazfit Gts2 Mini

Sleek, smart, and lightweight, this smartwatches features a borderless design with carefully curved 2.5D glass. The always-on AMOLED display ensures that your visuals are bright and vivid. With 80+ watch faces to choose from, this smartwatch allows you to flaunt a new look every day.

Amazfit Gts2 Mini

It supports many health and fitness-related features like heart rate monitor, blood-oxygen saturation monitor, and sleep monitor. This best fitness tracker offers something special to women. The menstrual cycle tracker is a blessing that helps avoid any unpleasant surprises.This makes it a great smartwatch for women

The PAI health assessment system provides a definitive score of your overall health that is an indicator of your overall fitness. The 70+ sports modes allow sports enthusiasts to cover a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports.

It also takes care of your mental health, all thanks to the stress tracker.
This watch is no less than being your fitness companion.

Mi Watch Revolve

Mi Watch Revolve

Sporty and sturdy, this smartwatches is a great fit for those who are always on the go! Equipped with a 1. 39” AMOLED display, this smartwatch is full of features that make your days productive and healthy. 

The various available watch faces allow you to keep your style game on point, every day. It helps you track your key health indicators like sleep, heart rate, stress, and body energy levels.

The 10 sports modes are quite helpful in tracking your every workout.
The 5 ATM rating makes it a perfect fit for all your adventures.

Oppo Health and fitness smartwatch

Oppo Health and fitness smartwatch

Equipped with a 1.91” AMOLED flexible dual-curved display, this smartwatch pushes you to meet your fitness goals. Track your exercises or monitor your heart 24X7, this smartwatches allows you to do it all with utmost ease. The five large exercise sensors on the back of the watch are helpful in never missing out on any exercise insights.

You can even check weather updates and stay up to date with smart info management tools. The 5ATM rating makes this watch a match for your off-beat adventures.

Hope that this list was helpful! 

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