How to Wear a Kimono

How to Wear a Kimono

A lot of things are remarkable about wearing a silk kimono. The first is that it’s comfortable. The second is that it looks fantastic on everyone, no matter what kind of body shape you have. And the third is that it’s easy to wear and care for—you can throw it in the wash with other clothes, and there’s no dry cleaning required!

But if you’re new to wearing silk kimono, or you’ve been wearing them for a while and want to get even more mileage out of yours, this guide will help you do just that!

Here are some tips on how to wear a silk kimono:

Wear a Bodysuit Underneath

This is a good trick for anyone who wants to wear a silk kimono without showing all their flaws. Wear a body suit under the Kimono, which will smooth out any lumps or bumps you may have. Also, if you are self-conscious about your weight or skin color, this can be an easy way to hide it.

If you feel extra shy about wearing a silk kimono in public, try wearing a body suit underneath and then put on your outer layer of clothing over top of it. This way, no one will know that you have something on underneath, but they will still see the beautiful piece of clothing on top of everything else.

Wear a Slip Underneath

Another way to smooth out bumps and lumps is to use a slip. Silk kimonos, however, work even better because they are heavier than bodysuits (so they don’t bunch up as easily). They are slippery, so you can pull them down over your hips without getting stuck or bunching up on anything else — such as your underwear!

If you have trouble getting the front of your Kimono to stay closed when you sit down, try using one hand to hold open the front flap while pulling down on the back hem of your Kimono with the other hand until everything straightens out again.

Choose a Neutral Color

Fashion is all about experimenting with different styles and trends. Choosing a neutral kimono will make your Kimono look more classy and elegant. Also, it will allow you to wear any shoes or accessories you want.

If you are planning to wear a silk kimono for your wedding ceremony or a party, it is better to wear neutral colors like cream, beige, black, and white.

Neutral colors can be paired with any shoes and accessories that you want to wear with them. You can also choose bright colors if you are going for casual wear, as they will give you a fresh look.

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When wearing a silk kimono, add only a few accessories or patterns because it may make your outfit look too busy. If you want more than one pattern in your business, try matching the colors together instead of mixing them up. For example, if you have an orange dress with blue stripes and then put on an orange kimono over it, they will clash because they are both bright colors, but they don’t match together very well!

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