How To Train More Effectively For Your Body Type

How To Train More Effectively For Your Body Type

Body Type: Everybody has different goals when training. Some want to lose fat and others to gain muscle. However, you might hit the gym but realize that you are not achieving your goals. One of the reasons could be that your training is not optimal for your body type.

Different body types respond differently to different fitness programs. Understanding your body type ensures that you get the right training program.

What Is Body Type?

Also known as somatotype, body type is the idea that people have different body compositions. People originally believed that it was impossible to change someone’s body type and that body type determined a person’s psychological and physiological characteristics.

Generally, there are three body types, endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph, each with different characteristics.

Dr. W.H. Sheldon was the one who brought about the body type theory. He came up with the names of different body types because he believed that the characteristics of each body type were predetermined before birth with the development of either the ectodermal, mesodermal, or endodermal layers.


  • The gut is normally more massive than other body parts and mainly dominates the body economy.
  • Relative roundness and softness throughout different body regions.
  • They have comfortable, more relaxed, and extroverted personalities.


  • Hard, rectangular, and heavy body outline.
  • Have a lot of bone, connective tissue, and muscle that are dominant in the body economy.
  • Have a dynamic, assertive, active, and aggressive personality.


  • Thin and fine-lined with predominant fragility and linearity.
  • Have greater sensory exposure because of great skin exposure in relation to body mass.
  • Are more thoughtful, introverted, and sensitive.

How To Improve Your Body Composition

Your body type is not something you are stuck with, and you can change it with a change in activity, lifestyle, and diet. Research proves that consistent training and a change in lifestyle and diet help in improving body composition.

While the body is highly adaptable, it could take a while before you start realizing a change in your body composition, which is why consistency is key. One way to ensure consistency is by hiring a personal trainer or nutrition coach.

After practicing the same training for some time and adopting a new diet, your body will also adapt, and you will eventually start seeing changes.

How To Identify Body Type


  • More fat throughout the body.
  • Sturdier bone structures and larger hips and midsection.
  • Gains fat fast but loses it slowly mainly because of slow metabolism.


  • Medium bone structures and shoulders are wider than the hips.
  • Gains fat fast but also loses it fast.
  • Developed athletic musculature.


  • Smaller muscles.
  • Narrow shoulder and hips in relation to height.
  • Hard for them to gain fat because of their fast metabolism.

Optimal Ways To Train For Your Body Type


The main goal of this training is to improve metabolic efficiency and burn maximum calories. For that, use metabolic training and high-intensity training techniques. You should also increase your protein intake for muscle development.


Use maximum strength resistance and low-intensity hypertrophy training with long resting periods to maximize muscle gain. Add proteins to balance carbs and fats to maintain a positive energy balance.

Tailor your diet for specific fitness activities and goals, increase protein intake and utilize OTP phases according to your coach’s goals.

In order to hit your fitness goals, it’s important to understand your body type and how your energy level may fluctuate throughout the day. According to Legion Athletics, one way to ensure you keep your energy levels up during fitness training is by using an all natural pre workout. In any case, as long as you are moving your body, you’re headed in the right direction.

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