Cool Packaging Ideas

Cool Packaging Ideas

Cool Packaging Ideas: Finally, you have developed a quality and useful product. But your job does not stop there. Your packaging will be your next venture.

Some startups, however, do not exert too much effort on their packaging. As a result, they are unable to beat the competition, attract more potential clients, and improve sales through engaging their target market. To address the issue, investing in high-end packaging can be considered.

As a business owner, you want to make them all happen. Here’s the problem. It is tricky and challenging to come up with something functional, sturdy, and interesting. Another thing is that it requires enough cash. So, that would be a problem if you are on a tight budget.

But there is nothing to worry about! Below are some of the exciting, budget-friendly, and sustainable packaging ideas you can consider and try:

Sticker Labels

Personalized customer experience is probably your top priority, and there are different ways to make your clients happy and satisfied with your services.

In packaging, for example, you can add sticker labels. It could be your company logo, a price tag, or anything that crosses your mind. You can also be creative with every sticker label you want.

There is no rule to follow, remember. If you run out of ideas, you can definitely find some inspiration online. That’s all right. But never copy. Just combine it with your ideas to create something remarkable.

A Standard Box With Die Cut

Who says a standard packaging box with die cut is a trend of the past? Years had passed, but it remained the sought-after packaging solution for new and even seasoned businesses.

It is also normal to feel skeptical about it. But it is a top favorite for many for a reason. When done right, it can catch your customer’s interest without having the need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. It is not only affordable but can also lead to better results you deserve. It may be simple. That’s why there are sticker labels that you can invest in to take your packaging to the next level.

Some Inserts

You are probably looking for another way to level up your customer experience with your packaging. Aside from sticker labels, you can add some inserts to the interior of your box, of course. What would you print on it, though? A simple thank you note is always a perfect idea, and your customers would appreciate it.

Alternatively, you can add your social media accounts so that other people would know more about you and be updated with the latest happenings about your company. Businesses enjoy these inserts because they are cost-effective, and you do need to spend a big sum of money to create something catchy at the end of the day.

Printed Pattern on the Inside

Who does not want a surprise? Everyone loves that. So, use that idea to your advantage. Once you have decorated the outer part of your packaging box, do not forget the inside. While there are many things that run in your mind, adding a printed pattern will be your best bet. A simple greeting is more than enough.

Have you ever bought a product with a note inside? How does it feel? It incites positive thoughts, isn’t it? It also establishes rapport between you and your valued clients at the same time.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is another popular packaging idea that you should not miss. But some people are afraid if they can cause a dent in their savings account.

Before, foil stamping was expensive because they were labour-intensive. But things have changed today. They are ideal for businesses that want to cut costs and acquire huge savings.

Aside from the reasonable rate, the majority of packaging companies provide a vast collection of stamping options, making your selection more seamless than ever.

Foil stamping is also versatile, as you can add embossing and spot UV, which are also available at a good price.

It is also wise to add fancy and stunning patterned designs that match your brand. Do not make these designs different from what your customers always see. Remember that you have to be consistent.

Digital Printing is Perfect

Offset printing has been the go-to method for businesses for many years. We could not blame those people as offset printing provides premium image quality. The images are relatively clean and distinct. The color, on the other hand, resembles the original. It is accurate. Also, offset printing works on any type of material.

Here’s the thing. It could require high cost, especially to low-volume jobs. In case there is an error on a plate, and you print a batch, it will be impossible to fix everything. All you have to do is start from the first stage again, giving you a headache literally.

This is where digital printing can come to your rescue. It has a faster turnaround time, is more affordable for low volume projects, and every print is identical and of high quality.

If you have been into offset printing and you encounter some trouble switching to digital, take your first step and do not hesitate. The process could be daunting. But you would be a pro soon.

Custom Sleeves

Last but not least is a custom sleeve. Whether you have been looking for a smart, unique, or cost-effective way to deliver your product straight to your clients’ doorstep, there is no need to search further than a custom sleeve.

It has been creating a buzz on the market because of its versatility. You can modify its design according to your brand and company culture without too many hassles.

A personalized drawer or slider sleeve is eco-friendly and sustainable, as your customers can reuse it. It does not only excel in style but also in durability. It can withstand the test of time with luxury and fashion as well.

There you have it! You perhaps have a choice in mind now. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your packaging today! We wish you all the best! Enjoy.

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