What Kind Of Clothes Do Wear On A Rainy Day?

Rainy Day

Rainy Day: The rainy season is increasingly imminent thanks to the small downpours that we see these days. It is a good time to stop and plan the outfits that you will wear in the coming months, because the rain should not wash away your style, at no time!

Black Jacket

If you want green casual but without neglecting elegance, a black jacket cannot be missing in your closet. In addition to protecting yourself from the cold, you can make countless combinations in different haste, because it goes with everything!

Long Sleeve Blouse

If the cold is bearable and you are a fan of comfort, a long-sleeved blouse will keep you well covered without making you feel too warm. Perfect for a date or to go out with friends, the long sleeve stylizes your arms and looks great with little accessories.

Wide Printed Blouse

Blouses with bohemian styles that remind us of the 70s are very fashionable and you can continue to use them during the rainy season. Try to match your blouse with solid colour pants or a skirt, not fitted. As for the length of the skirt, our recommendation is a maxi skirt, as it is flexible for any occasion.

Vest With Fringes

Small details positively enhance your outfit and transform a simple piece into something new. A fringed vest will help you spice up your outfit in a very fun and different way and it is one of those is that you can wear for almost any occasion.


Leggings are everything you could want in a dress take: comfortable, versatile, and easy to combine. This rush resists temperature change very well and can always be carried out in different ways, depending on the occasion and the place. A very nice mix that you can achieve is to incorporate a long vest into your outfit when you wear leggings, it will help you refine your silhouette smoothly.

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Waterproof Trench Coat with Detectable Hood

A classic black long raincoat always looks great. Wear it over a mesh sweater and shiny patent leather pants for a subtle yet striking look.

Tore Away Your Tight Fits

Tight clothes stick to your body when wet. Wear loose clothing made of cotton, linen, Khadi, or synthetics, or any other easy-to-dry fabric. Also, wear half-sleeved or sleeveless clothing. You may also prefer bare shoulders, overalls with suspenders, or overalls made of linen or cotton. The shorter sleeves will keep you cool, preventing water from sticking to your armpits.

From The Rock To The Cape

Don’t take an old rain poncho from the dollar store, make it a fashion statement. Wool has moisture-wicking properties that will keep you dry as you glide from run to run like the stylish fashionista you are.

We hope this little guide helps you decide your style at the beginning of the rainy season. As always, you can find these and other prisons in all of our Yamuna stores. Don’t forget that we also offer you a wide variety of umbrellas.

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