How To Take Care Of Curly Hair Naturally?

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Curly Hair: Wearing stunning curls daily can be a bit tricky. Blur, frizz, dry ends and excessive volume play a role. So how do we get the most out of curls? Today, I’m sharing seven keys that will help your curly or wavy hair have shine, definition, and softness.

Keys To Showing Off Beautiful Curly Hair

Look At The Ingredients

If possible, get rid of products that contain alcohol in their composition, such as hairspray, gels, and gums, as they dry out the hair. A mousse for curly hair is a key to keeping curls under control and avoiding the use of non-recommended products.

The Right Shampoo

Using a nourishing shampoo will help maintain moisture in the strand and therefore definition, as curly hair has less moisture than straight hair.

How To Condition It

Pay attention to this step. When you get out of the shower, remove the moisture and apply a dab of styling cream. This product is an ally for curly hair because it provides softness and hydration. Avoid combing damp hair as it is very sensitive and is at greater risk of breakage than a straight man. Always use a wide-tooth comb; it will help detangle your hair.

A Good Fit Will Make Your Life Easier

Make sure that the cut you are going to do is done with your dry hair, as the texture and length of the hair are different when it is wet.

Choose The Right Brush Or Comb

Curly curls are often dry and brittle and can break easily when combed or brushed. Try brushing or styling curly hair in the shower to avoid breaking it.

Start with a wide-tooth comb to smash up any knot. You can also style it while the conditioner is still in your hair to make things easier and make sure the conditioner covers all of your strands.

When choosing a hairbrush, invest in a high-quality brush with natural bristles instead of plastic. A boar bristle brush can help spread the natural oils from the scalp to the ends of the hair.

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Nutrition And Hydration

The key to giving body to your curls is to apply a moisturizing mask once a week for at least 30 minutes. In the middle of the week, apply the coconut oil medium to the ends and let stand for at least two hours so that all the ingredients penetrate well. It is very important to repeat the process every week.

Hair Treatment

The most suitable treatment for curly hair is hair plastic, the solution for damaged hair that has lost its curl due to the abuse of thermal devices, chemical processes, or the use of non-recommended products. Its formula replenishes lost keratin and collagen, deeply hydrates seals cuticles eliminate frizz, and restores split ends. Curly hair is perfectly defined and wavy hair has perfect waves.

Avoid Excess Shampoo

Washing every day is not a good idea for people with curly hair. Shampoo can strip hair of much-needed natural oils.

You may need to experiment with a cleaning program to see what works best for you. In general, try to shampoo every other day or every 3 days.

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