What Does The Exfoliating Scalp Help Hair Growth?

Exfoliating Scalp

Exfoliating scalp: If you’ve come this far, it’s probably because you’ve been learning what it means to exfoliate your hair or leather, and you’ve read things that you don’t know if they’re true or not.

Among all of them, today we will tell you what are the advantages of using the exfoliating brush and hair massager during a peel.

To do this, we tell you exactly what the process is and, of course, we tell you what are the reasons for using this tool, but in its entirety, knowing the why of things.

We love that when our customers use our products they are aware of what it means and therefore we are going to be very good at explaining to you what you are going to achieve by exfoliating your hair with a specific brush.

What is a Hair Peel?

It is an exfoliation treatment for the skin of the scalp and hair, for which natural chemicals are used and a mechanical process for their application.

In other words, it’s the same thing we do on our face to remove blackheads: apply a product to remove impurities from the area, in this case, the capillary.

Thus, we eliminate dead cells, traces of dust and pollution, hair styling products, and, ultimately, any residue that should not be there.

Prepare The Hair.

You will need to be careful that your hair is not very dirty, although it is not necessary to wash it before you start.

In addition, you must detangle carefully so as not to abuse it and the product to penetrate perfectly into your pores, both capillaries, and capillaries. You can get your hair or blow-dry it as you like.


It’s time to make sure that the scrub will work the way it should, getting all the benefits from a treatment like this.

With it, we will make sure to apply the product in depth both on the hair and on the scalp, making it work thanks to a good rubbing and a good massage.

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When we have left the scrub to act, it will be necessary to rinse perfectly.

Washing and condition. Finally, we finish our hair care routine, but instead of using our usual specific care products, we will use a peeling shampoo to improve results and a conditioner to soften and provide comfort to our skin and hair after this. moment of intense friction. that we will have given.

When You Apply This Product Correctly:

  • You eliminate a greater amount of waste, both those that we produce natural skin, fat and those that come from outside dust, masks, protectors.
  • In Doing So, You Better Unclog Your Pores.
  • This means that they have more capacity to absorb the products that we apply. These will therefore have an increasingly large effect. For example, if you use a nourishing mask, the hair will be more nourished; if you use pro-shine shampoo you will have more shine, etc. Easy!
  • On the other hand, this unblocking will make the hair breathe better, which means that you will benefit from it naturally (more shine and strength, less skin perspiration and, therefore, cleaner hair for longer, cell regeneration, which assumes that these are healthy and hard working.
  • In addition, having your message and touch the dermis assumes that we activate our circulation, which means that our capillary unit will receive more oxygen, which for it is food, to nourish it, that is to say, to nourish it.
  • Now that you know what it can do for you, we can only encourage you to give it a try. Mipelazo.com is the place where you can buy the exfoliating hair massager and also where you can find out how much a hair peel costs (spoiler: very little, only what the Detox ICON pack is worth; you do the rest of your own. hands and, in addition, you have the brush at the best price.

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