Why Is It Bad To Sleep With Your Hair Wet?

hair wet

Hair wet: with the heat, sleepless nights increase, and to relieve hot flashes and sleep they often resort to solutions that are far from healthy. This is the case, for example, when you shower late and go to bed with your hair wet. Going to bed without drying your hair is not highly recommended, as moisture not only spoils it but can also have negative health effects.

Increased hair sensitivity water and cuticles

First, wet hair becomes more delicate if it’s kept for too long. This is due to hygroscopic properties, which allow it to absorb moisture from the environment. Thus, the water enters the cuticle and this increases its size. As a result, the proteins and components of the hair are looser, ie they do not condense as in the dry state and can therefore be lost. Therefore, when it is wet, it is more sensitive to any force or manipulation.

Increased porosity of the capillary surface

As a result of this sensitivity, the hair becomes more brittle and more easily damaged, it can dry out, splinter, etc. after constant rubbing with the pillow. It also increases the porosity of the capillary surface and makes hair weaker, which is one of the most common causes of hair loss.

Inflammation of the scalp from moisture

Sleep with your hair wet or wrap a towel around it, the moisture it contains for so long causes the scalp to become inflamed. All of this can result in a very annoying.

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Relationship Between Dandruff and Dampness

The worst enemy of dandruff, on the other hand, is precisely the humidity. Sleeping with your hair wet changes the life of a fungus in the head called Malassezia. It feeds on the fatty oils in follicles to perform scalp cell

Tangles and knots in the hair

Going to bed with your hair wet is synonymous with tangles. The evaporation of water resulting in the night tends to include knots in the. Trying to remove them, belonging to a hair loss, will untangle they are untangling it will.

Other problems sleeping with wet hair: recognize and catch colds

Don’t forget that the inconvenience of sleeping with your hair wet can also lead to health skills. For example is strong forces, migraines, or muscle pain. This is one of the other temperatures you can wake up to even with a cold.

Falling asleep with wet hair can have problems such as increased capillary sensitivity and increased porosity of capillary action; Inflammation of the scalp from such; Dandruff; Tangles and knots in hair; as well as various and colds.

In any case, it is important to dry your hair before going to bed, although it is also not convenient to use the dryer. When the loss is lost, it is best to contact a hair health specialist. Doctor Antonio Burgos’ professional team will help the patient resolve all his doubts and have the best treatment related to his hair problem.

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