Different Types Of Tea And Their Benefits


We have all at some point put tea in our mouths. Tea is the result of processing the leaves of a plant called Camellia Sinensis.

Some brands add extracts of herbs, flower petals, spices, essential oils, or camellia sinensis fruits

There are three basic tea varieties: Chinese, Hindu , and hybrid tea,

Depending on the processing method, different types of tea are presented. The main ones are white, green, black and oolong or blue.

Different  Types Of Tea

White Tea:

According to López, it is not allowed to oxidize, that is, the action of oxygen on it is not allowed because it is subjected to fire or steam after a certain drying time, it is not allowed to roll its leaves, hurt them, or split them in any way, has a somewhat silvery manifestation in some areas.

It helps digestion and won’t stimulate you to be awake, even if you drink it late at night. It contains antioxidants.

Regulates blood pressure, inhibits plaque formation in our arteries, prevents heart attacks and, along with green tea, neutralizes free radicals which cause our cells to oxidize and age, thus keeping us young inside and outside, the most important.

Green Tea:

It is the most popular. It undergoes a smaller and more natural process than black, so it retains a lot more antioxidants and its flavor is much milder than black or red, but the one with the finest and smoothest flavor par excellence. is white.

Useful in the process of losing weight. The qualities of green tea lie in its richness in catechins and polyphenols, in particular epigallocatechin gallate EGCG, this substance inhibits the growth of cancer cells without affecting healthy tissues. It lowers bad cholesterol levels and inhibits blood clots.

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Blue Or Oolong Tea:

The word oolong means “black dragon”. In the manufacture of blue, the shapes used in the previous types are combine; the ongoing oxidation process is rough in the middle.

Red Tea:

Red is at its best, as its consumption has increase dramatically due to its excess fat-burning quality, which has led to it being commonly referred to as the ” fat eater, ” a name well deserved since. Countless studies Confirming scientists are a huge power slimming.

It was chosen the most important for this quality is that it predates the events of malignancy, disease, obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease in

General because excess body fat in the body can only harm our health. This drink also has detoxifying properties that help us stay healthy because prevention is the best way to stay healthy.

Black Tea:

The making of black tea follows a different process. After being harvest, the leaves remain in the sun for between 18 and 24 hours. They are then folded and roll to break up cell walls and accelerate oxidation. Its colour is much darker, generating an infusion also of a denser tone, with possible reddish undertones and with a pleasant and characteristic earthy aroma.

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