What Food Should Children’s Diet For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner?

children's diet

Children’s Diet: Healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime are consolidated in childhood, which is why children must eat a complete and balanced diet from a young age. The best guide for parents The Nutritional Pyramid. Study how to put it into practice in your children’s daily menu.

When shopping and preparing meals at home, we must keep in mind that our toddlers need a complete and balanced diet. It is very important that from an early age they learn to eat well and all because the habits and customs that they acquire during their childhood will mark the rest of their life.

To know what foods to eat, how often, and in what quantity, parents should be guided by the food pyramid. And, although the design is easy to understand, doubts often arise when applying it.

How to Interpret the Nutritional Pyramid

The Operation of the Food Pyramid Is Simple

At the bottom, there are the foods that must be consumed daily, and at the top, those that must be taken occasionally.

The Base of the Pyramid

First level:

Made up of carbohydrates cereals, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes of these foods, we should take between 4 and 6 servings per day, adults and children.

Second level:

Fruits about 3servings per day and vegetable 2servings

Third level:

Meat, fish, eggs, and legumes (proteins), of which an intake of 3 to 4 servings per week is recommended

Top of the Pyramid

Foods that we need to eat occasionally, such as candy or cold meats.

A Menu Based On the Pyramid


Milk: a yogurt, a little cheese, or a glass of milk.

Cereals: A toast of bread with olive oil (the best fat they can have) and fruits.

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Half Morning

Fruit: a piece to take a recess. It should not be substituted for packaged juices, which are sugary fruit-based drinks, which provide more calories. If for breakfast you have had a juice (natural) or fruit, at this time you can also have a dairy.


Cereals: Pasta, rice, potatoes or legumes are ideal for preparing the first course. Bread also accompany it

Proteins: second, meat or fish, favoring the consumption of the second. They should never be absent at mealtimes.

Water: it should be the child’s usual drink. Healthier than any carbonated or carbonated drink refreshments will be reserved for special occasions.

Salt: preferably use iodized and do not overdo it.

Fat: oil, always olive

Fruit: for dessert a piece or a natural juice. Sweet desserts are only for special occasions and it is always better if they are homemade.

To Taste

Dairy products: if yogurt was eaten in the morning, now a glass of milk or cheese, so that the child can eat a variety of foods.

Cereals: cookies, nuts, or a sandwich and fruits.

Having Dinner

Vegetables: in salads, stews, mash, cream … any shape is valid.

Proteins: egg (one per day), meat, fish … It’s good, change from the protein that was consumed at noon.

Fruits: for dessert or in a natural juice to accompany the meal.

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