Summer Style: 9 Hot Fashion Trends this Summer

Fashion Trends

The summer heat is kicking in. Is your wardrobe ready? Now is the time to put all your attire for the cold weather away and bring out all your summer clothes! Since this season is also the best time for going to the beach, camping, going to the waterpark, or partying at a funfair, you must always be dressed to kill as if the world is your runway. You may have reliable summer clothes and accessories that you can mix and match but it can be refreshing, too, to revamp your summer look! Who knows? You might be the next trendsetter in your town. Here are a few summer fashion tips for 2021!

1. Watches are still in!

If you think watches are no longer in 2021 because of the rise of smartphones and other gadgets that people use instead to check the time, that is when you are wrong. Some people say that diamonds are forever, but for us, wristwatches are timeless, too. This summer, getting a luxury watch may be a big plus for your summer outfit. A plain shirt and denim pants can be made extra fashionable with the right watch like Rolex or Omega and with the right accessories!

2. Shine bright with Neon Orange

People usually feel funny about neon colors—much more, the color orange. However, this 2021, fashion is taking a bolder and fiercer turn. Contrary to pastels and nude colors, summer 2021 is about to break the norm by two-folds with the resurgence of Neon Orange. We see the popularity of Neon Orange accessories and clothing according to Cosmopolitan agrees with this by recommending orange outfits that will turn heads.

3. Cottagecore attire

So, it seems that Neon and earthy tones are here to live in harmony because aside from Neon, Cottagecore attire will remain to be trendy. Pastel colors are still a hit and so are subtle patterns. Aside from these, puffed sleeves are also having a comeback! These give you the feels of having a picnic at a field of flowers. Vogue also approves of puffed sleeve blouses.

4. Smart attire meets streetwear with shoulder pads

Office people are no longer the ones wearing shoulder pads. Shoulder pads are hot today even in streetwear! notes how the eighties fashion is having a comeback this 2021. What used to be odd before looks posh now. We love the silhouette made by shoulder pads and how it makes you look commanding and bold. adds to this with oversized boyfriend blazers with shoulder pads. This attire makes your body slenderer as it makes your legs look longer and your waist curvier. recommends trousers made with leather (or with leather-like material) or straight-cut slacks or pants.

5. Protect and accessorize with headscarves

This is perfect for when you have bad hair days or for when you just want to be a little extra dramatic without going over the top. Wearing headscarves is also having a comeback this summer! Think about the time in the 50s or the 60s when people never went out without having their heads wrapped. With a fashionable headscarf, your attire can go from boring to interesting! More than this, it can protect your hair from the harmful heat of the sun.

A headscarf with a silky material with floral designs or intricate patterns is a good way to start. You can wrap your head and tie your headscarf under your chin in a loose, dramatic knot or you can just tie it at the back of your head, creating sort of a cap. You can even wrap it around your head like a bandana!

6. Go higher with your minis

This summer, it is nice to stay cool and enjoy the right amount of heat while being refreshed. This also means that summer is the perfect time to flaunt and tan your legs while wearing a fashionable mini skirt! A fashionable mini skirt will also flatter your legs and showcase the shoes you are wearing at the same time. Wearing mini skirts is also comfortable and allows you to move better, especially during summer when it can get sticky and hot.

7. Walk on sunshine with gilded clothes

So it seems that summer 2021 is all about commanding attention. One of the things in trend this season is wearing clothes with shiny material—literally! Marie Claire approves this trend of wearing metallic clothes. Wearing those will make you stand out from the crowd. Different clothing brands now release clothes like motorcycle jackets, dresses, blouses, maxi dresses now made from metallic or gilded material.

8. Extra hot crop top

What we love about summer is the free pass to flaunt yourself and be proud of your body whatever shape and size you are in. Another thing that is making a big splash this summer is wearing pretty and adorable crop tops. There is no other perfect time to wear a crop top other than summer. In case you feel cold? You can always pair it with a coat or a cardigan and you will still look stunning! You can choose a spaghetti strap crop top or a bralette. You can pair this up with high-waisted shorts, pants, or skirts.

9. Replicate sun rays with fringy bags

Of course, you should not forget about your handbags when it comes to picking your attire! This summer, we are all feeling the bohemian vibes with choosing women bags with fringes! Just allow those pretty tassels to dangle about and turn heads! recommends choosing dark hues if you want something a bit classic and bold colors for also bolder looks!

Be comfortable and experimental!

If there is something that we have learned about the trends here, it is the fact that there are no rules. Just be yourself, experiment on your clothes and express yourself! We see ranges of neutral colors staying, and loud and bold colors becoming popular again. We are in an age today where we are more informed about our right to choose and express ourselves. Make the world your runway!

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