Pool Spas—Popular Types You Must Know About

pool Spas

Pool spas offer a luxurious and wonderful way to unhook yourself from all your mental worries & stresses.

But what exactly is a pool spa? What are the benefits? What are its popular types? In this article, we are going to answer such queries in detail. So, let’s have a look:-

What is a Pool Spa?

A pool spa is a small-sized pool within a large swimming pool that has seating and water jets. It is based on the principle of hydrotherapy, which involves the use of water to ease all the stubborn pain in your body, promote physical relaxation, and treat injuries.

Spas offer the ultimate rejuvenating experience for all age groups. You can either install a spa with a pool or just a spa to enjoy hydrotherapy without the upkeep expenses of a full-sized swimming pool.

The pool spas are available in a wide range of shapes, depths, sizes, and types, and you can pick the combination as per your reference.

Benefits of a Pool Spa

A pool spa is a long-term investment with no additional maintenance costs. They are the perfect means to de-stress after a tough work week. You can invite your friends over for a spa day.

Besides helping you achieve good health, a pool spa gives you the opportunity to socialize with your neighbors, friends, etc.

Popular Types of Pool Spas

1. Pool With Spa

It is a popular choice among homeowners throughout Canada. A pool with a spa is a traditional combo, where you can dive in for a swim session and then have spa therapy to relax your muscles. Although the pool spa will be within the pool, it is different from the pool as all you have to do is let yourself loose and allow the water jets to heal you. A pool with a spa will add more value to your property if you plan to sell anytime soon.

A swimming pool and spa combination is easy to customize as per your preferences and tastes. You can construct the spa at a different level from the pool to have a striking effect. Even if you already have a pool, you can always build a coordinating spa.

2. Swim Spas

Popularly known as the swimming spas, they are much larger than traditional pools with a spa. They have enough space for only one individual to swim in. The swim spas have hydrotherapy jets that work their magic of relaxing and easing muscle pain as you swim.

It could be a pocket-friendly alternative to a pool with a spa. However, to enjoy warm spa water even when it cools outside, consider investing in a solar pool cover. It has bubbles that trap the sun’s heat during the daytime to keep the pool water at 5 to 10-degrees higher.

3. Inground Spas

There are amongst the most popular pool spa types. Since they are made out of concrete, they are quite durable and last for many years. An inground spa can be customized to suit your preference, right from selecting the closer, style, choice, and additional features you want.

However, the inground spas are the most costly option on the market, as the installation process is the same as a full-sized swinging pool. Excavation work has to be done to install the pool safely & carefully.

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4. Above Ground Spas

They are popular off-the-shelf solutions. They are numerous shapes & sizes but limited in terms of customization options. An above-ground spa is easy-to-install and ready to use right away.

It doesn’t require professional installation, therefore, less costly than an inground spa. However, the above-ground spas are not as long-lasting as inground spas.

Pool Enclosure: Another Luxurious Yet Worthwhile Investment

A pool enclosure is a worthwhile investment to improve your spa experience. It not only prevents dirt, dust, or other unwanted debris from falling into the water but gives you and your family complete privacy when in the pool.

By Installing a pool enclosure, you can swim in the pool on a hot, sunny day. The pool enclosure will prevent the direct rays of the sun from reaching out to you. It is like a home extension, as it creates a cozy space that lets you have fun and do stuff you won’t do in an open pool.

You can use the additional space for entertaining your guests. The pool enclosures are designed to withstand strong and protect you and your family during rain. Last, but not least, by investing in a pool enclosure, you will discover a significant drop in your energy bills as you need less utility to keep the pool water at the optimal temperature all the time.

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