Holographic Eye Makeup to look Beautiful

Eye makeup

If you’re like me, you want to be able to wear makeup trends without cooperating your grown-up position. Holographic Eye Makeup cosmetics is one of those trends that looks abundant on Instagram models, but you wonder if it might effort for you in actual lifetime.

The key to protecting the look wearable is choosing a feature to showcase. The rest of your look should be impersonal so as not to overwhelm it.

Here are five ways to safely test the holographic trend!

Lip gloss:

If you’re afraid of lip gloss, fear not! It’s a very cool and very adult comeback. If you go natural, try a nude shade with a reflective sheen that will subtly highlight your pout. If your makeup game name is bold, try a gloss that offers a dazzling shine while feeling appropriate outside of a nightclub. When the light hits your pout, your lips are fuller. Premium! Try Milk Makeup’s holographic lip gloss on Mars. The stunning gold finish is just shiny enough but still acceptable for the day.


 Highlighters have become synonymous with beautiful cheekbones. Just a little dust on the highlights will bring out the angles of your face to their best advantage. Take it a step up with an opalescent formula. At first glance, it appears silent but moves wonderfully throughout the day. Try the collection of organic highlighters from Naked Cosmetics. This palette is great because it is editable. It starts neatly but can be layered over for a dramatic nighttime effect.

eye makeup

Inner eye:

 If the eyes are the gaps to the soul, eyeshadow is a really fancy curtain. Or something similar. Mark the inner corners of your eyes with a pretty eyeshadow that will brighten the whites of your eyes and intensify your eye color. If you have brown eyes, try an ombre with a pearlescent base for contrast if your eyes are blue, appearance for a shade with copper or gold flecks. Your eyes are green, try playing with a slight lavender tinge. Try the Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette. Four different shades can use for eyes, lips or cheeks. They can use for a subtle wash of colour or increase the intensity with a few applications. Try Almay Shadow Squad Eyeshadow Holographic. It comes in the colours that best go with your colouring.

eye makeup

Forehead Bones:

 For a pop of color that frames your eye, try painting a prismatic shadow right under your forehead. When the light enters, the shape of your eyes will be the centre of your face. Try Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow. Use the crowbar to sprinkle a shimmer into your interior corners.

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 If futuristic makeup seems a bit too far off, try the trend on your nails. It still shows the stop, but in a more subtle way. Try Essie Nail Polish in Blue-tiful Horizon. It has patches of beautiful pink dust mixed with a warm sky blue. Awesome!

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