Face Serum for your skin to Glow and Lighten

Face Serum

So you’ve sorted out your face wash, sunscreen, moisturizer, and scrub and you think that’s all you need to make it work! However, there is one product that is a potent source of nutrition for your facial skin that often goes beyond the facial serum discussion.

1. What is a serum?

2. Benefits of a face serum

3. What ingredients commonly used, and what are their benefits?

4. Are face serums different from moisturizers and oils?

5. How to choose a serum?

6. Are facial serums heavy in your pocket?

7.Facial Serum FAQs

What is a Serum?

What exactly is a serum? It is a concentrate of active requirements that targets specific skincare problems. The ingredients are effective and made up of smaller molecules. The contented of active ingredients is higher than a regular face cream because the oils and heavier ingredients have removed. While the latter can contain around ten per cent active ingredients, the former includes seventy per cent or more!

Benefits of a Facial Serum

Face Serum

While the serums will undoubtedly nourish and eliminate many skin problems at the root, they also have visible benefits and benefits.

1) Your skin structure improves dramatically due to collagen and vitamin C content, becomes firmer and smoother, and leads to visibly younger looking skin.

2) There are fewer spots, scars, pimples and other blemishes as they lighten up with regular use of a serum, especially when using plant concentrates. It does this holistically without the use of scrubs and harmful chemicals.

3) Open pores decrease in size, which in turn leads to fewer blackheads and whiteheads.

4) Serums under the eyes also have visible benefits as they reduce dryness, dark circles and fine lines. They are an instant lift for lighter eyes.

5) There is less inflammation, redness and dryness when using serums. The skin appears moist, fresh and hydrated.

What Ingredients are Generally use, and what are their Benefits?

Ingredients in Serums

The ingredients in the serums range from standard to exotic, depending on what you’re looking. Here are rare samples to the lookout.

1) Vitamin C.

It is a common ingredient for anti-ageing. So if you are among 30 and 40 years old, use a serum. This robust component not only builds collagen; it also boosts skin immunity and should be a regular part of your skincare routine.

2) Hyaluronic Acids

Creams and emollients are a great way to treat dehydrated skin without the heaviness. These capture the skin’s natural water level and ensure that it does not lose its natural moisture while it still replenish. Ceramides and amino acids also achieve the same results and benefits.

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3) Antioxidants

are essential to protect the skin from stress and environmental damage. Beta-carotene and green tea, therefore, extract to look out for, while berries, pomegranate, and grape seed extract are other active ingredients.

4) Retinols

are ideal serum ingredients for acne-prone skin while treating fine lines and wrinkles.

5) Active Ingredients of Plant Origin

like liquorice, are natural lightening ingredients and are great for treating those annoying sun spots and scars, as well as patchy skin.

6) Anti-Inflammatory

If you have sensitive skin, use a serum with anti-inflammatory properties, preventing redness, rashes and inflammation. The ingredients to read on the label that you should check are zinc, arnica, and aloe vera.

Are our facial Serums different from Moisturizers and Oils?

Moisturizing Face Oils

You might wonder if they are the same as moisturizers, but the answer is no. While sharing ingredients and properties, serums are more easily absorbed by the skin and work under the epidermis, while moisturizers effort on the top layer and trap all of the moisture. Serums are water-based, while moisturizers and facial oils are oil or cream-based.

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How to Choose a Serum

Serum Selection

You will be amazed by how many options there are in the face serum market, and all of them promise wonderful and beautiful skin. The top way to select the correct one for you is to consider two factors

– First of all, the skin problem you want to solve. Do you want to get rid of fine lines around your mouth? Or banish those sun spots on your nose? Find a serum that claims to do precisely what you need.

– Second, take your skin type into account. If you take oily, acne-prone skin, select a face serum that contains salicylic acid and retinols, as well as rosehip oil. For mature, dry skin, try somewhat with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Normal skin works well with glycolic acid, which locks in moisture and cools and rejuvenates the skin.

Are Face Serums Heavy in your Pocket?

Face Serum

To Save Money

Compared to most other ingredients, face serum is a more expensive ingredient, mainly because the components are concentrated rather than diluted with lint. On the other hand, however, you will need less other products when your Serum treats your skin problems. While the more expensive serums tend to contain higher quality ingredients, some are inexpensive that can work wonders if you research your skin’s needs ahead of time. Once you’ve purchased your Serum, it’s a good idea to cut it down regularly and daily as the active ingredients tend to drain faster. So it’s just a waste of money if you use it sporadically and the Serum has passed its expiration date, which is usually between 6 months and a year.

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