Is it Helpful that Putting an Egg on your Hair Reduces Hair Fall

Egg on your hair

Egg on your hair: The most common type of baldness is genetic in origin and difficult to prevent. However, sometimes hair falls out for other reasons such as stress, skin diseases, or a diet deficient in iron and protein. Using eggs for hair loss is one of the best-known home tricks, especially in cases where alopecia is of nutritional origin.

But what effect does the egg have on the hair? We explain how to use the yolk and egg white for hair loss, and how to enhance hair growth and shine.

Egg for Hair Loss: The Most Famous Home Remedy

Before receiving care, it is important to consider the cause of hair loss. When transitioning from a low-vitamin, low-nutrient diet to a healthier one, changes in eating will do wonders for the hair.

Starting from there, the use of egg for hair loss usually has two applications: superficial, applying the egg as a mask on the hair, and integral, consuming more eggs and other highly nutritional foods.

The Benefits of an Egg for Hair Loss

The consumption of eggs can therefore bring a series of benefits to the hair, especially combined with other adjustments in diet:

Thicker hair

The proteins present in the egg nourish the hair from the roots, and although it does not stop baldness, it does promote the growth of healthy and strong hair-inactive hair follicles.

More elasticity

Especially thanks to the biotin present in the yolk.

Less brittle hair

Healthy hair is less prone to split or damaged ends. Egg protein helps improve its texture and prevents it from becoming brittle, acting directly on the keratin structure.

Brighter hair

The proteins and fats present in the egg nourish the hair and add an outer protective layer to the cuticle, which reflects light better, making it appear brighter.

Before making dramatic dietary changes, such as raising your egg consumption over what is suggested and visiting with both a hair specialist and a nutritionist, be sure the causes of your hair loss are identified.

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Why Is The Egg A Super Food For Hair?

Eggs are superfoods that combine proteins, minerals, and vitamins, essential for hair growth. When hair becomes brittle or excessively damaged, it tends to fall out, even though the follicle is still active and can produce more hair under the right circumstances.

Biotin, often known as vitamin H, is one of these vital vitamins for hair. Because its shortage is linked to alopecia, several supplements are promoted to prevent hair loss. As a result, to maximize the advantages of the egg on the hair, it is important to fully boil the egg and avoid taking it raw.

The egg mask as a conditioning treatment

There is no statistical evidence to support the use of egg as conditioning therapy. It is one of the most common hair-nourishing ingredients. When it comes to feeding the fur, Egg white is used for hair loss because it is rich in proteins and minerals such as riboflavin, magnesium, and potassium.

Although it does not help condition the hair as much as the yolk, the egg white mask helps clarify the scalp and is recommend to combat oilily related to alopecia.

Egg yolk for hair loss is important because it contains less protein than white but is rich in B vitamins and folic acid. Its high-fat content makes it an excellent conditioner, as it fills the cuticle, softens, and adds shine. It recommends treating dry hair.

How do you prepare an egg mask?

To enhance the effect of the eggs on the hair, you can combine it with other anti-baldness foods that also have important nutritional properties. For example the combination of egg and olive oil for hair, but also:

  • Honey Coconut oil
  • Avocado
  • aloe Vera
  • Beer

The mask should be applied to damp hair before shampooing, trying to avoid the roots if it is a mask with a yolk or combines with another oil.

Once distributed, it should be left to act on the hair for between 15 and 20 minutes. After that time, you have to wash your hair with cold water and shampoo: doing it with hot water can cause the eggs to cook directly on the hair and be more difficult to rinse.

Egg for hair loss is an effective trick

When hair becomes brittle or brittle or goes through stages where hair loss is more pronounced, superfoods such as eggs can help strengthen hair and stop hair loss.

Consult with an expert to define the best treatment tailored to the specific characteristics of your hair and choose the best treatment against hair loss.

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