Breast Cancer Awareness Facts

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer awareness is the pursuit of educating and educating people about breast cancer, and reducing the breast cancer stigma through symptoms, treatment, the palliative care of the disease and knowledge. Proponents of this awareness believe that education and attention contribute to the early detection of breast cancer, which correlates with survival rates, and that the money raised through this awareness contributes to permanent and reliable cures. It usually is done through educational campaigns or free/inexpensive medical exams.

Breast Cancer Awareness: How to Lower Your Risk

Breast Cancer 1

The awareness symbol is generally in a pink ribbon. Many countries refer to October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month when people put pink ribbons on their clothes. Some of the breast cancer organizations receive financial support through corporate sponsorship. Check out our some of the hospitals, which are Breast Cancer Treatment Hospitals in India.

Breast cancer awareness around the world:

According to IARC Globocan, there were approximately 1.38 million new cases and 458,000 deaths from breast cancer each year. Breast cancer is by far the most mutual cancer in women in developed and developing countries. As the cases of the disease are steadily increasing due to adoption into western lifestyle culture, increased urbanization and increased life expectancy.

There is still no specific reason for the cause of breast cancer but early detection remains the key to curing cancer and expecting breast cancer control. But if cancer caught late, the chances of a cure are low. In such cases, palliative care is recommended by doctors to relieve patients and their families from the suffering they are facing.

Breast Cancer

The majority of deaths believed to occur in low- and middle-income countries, with 29,000 deaths from breast cancer. Breast cancer is diagnosed late, mainly due to a lack of awareness of early detection and barriers to health care services. If adequate public health programs and advertising campaigns launched around the world, the situation can be adequately reverse.

About breast cancer:

Breast cancer is the overwhelming growth of abnormal cells in the breast. If the cancer is not detected at an early stage, it can be life-threatening and can spread to lymph nodes and other parts of the body. The incidence of breast cancer increases after age  40, and about 80% of cases occur in women after the age of 50. Although the real cause of breast cancer happening is still uncertain, the most common factors may be due to urbanization and the adoption of Western culture and poor lifestyle.

Breast cancer can spread when the cancer cells grow and spread to other organs in the body such as the bones, lungs, liver, and brain, or lymph nodes. This is known as metastasis. The breast cancer stage understood stage I through stage IV, which determines how much the cancer has grown and where everything in the body has spread. Stage IV is the maximum advanced stage of breast cancer and the death rate is lower. In some cases, if treatment cured, cancer can come back. It, therefore, recommended having a regular medical examination to check that the treatment is as expected.

Treatment for breast cancer depends on some factors, such as the type and stage of the cancer, a person’s sensitivity to hormones, and general health, age, and preferences of the individual.

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Symptoms of breast cancer:

Different people will have changed symptoms of breast cancer depending on their general health and lifestyle. In rare cases, there are no signs or symptoms of the tumour, which reduces the chances of survival because treatment is not received in the early stages.

Some warning signs for breast cancer could be:

Discomfort in any area of ​​the breast or heaviness

Frustration or dimpling of the skin of the breast

New lump in the breast or armpit

Swelling or thickening of the breast

Scaly skin or redness in the nipple or breast

Discomfort in the nipple area or a feeling of tightness

Nipple absolution other than milk; may be a blood discharge

Some transformation in the shape or size of the breast

If any of these signs worry you, make an appointment with your doctor. Please note that these signs may relate to other things that may not be cancer.

Breast cancer facts and figures in place of the year 2019-2020. Breast cancer survival rates become difficult in stages III and IV. Its reports that 60% of women’s survival rates in India 80% compared to the US. The Indian state of Kerala is said to report the highest cases of breast cancer patients, follow Mizoram, Haryana, Delhi and Karnataka.

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Women between the ages of 40 and 50 have a significant risk of developing breast cancer. In India, one in 28 women thought to develop breast cancer at some point. Breast cancer survival rate in India is low due to late detection. The only way to change that is by raising awareness through education, free reviews, and advertising campaigns.

Prevention is superior to cure, so women in their thirties need regular health checkups.

Breast cancer, as well occurs in men, but the risks are very slim. In men, it is 100 times less than in women. The danger of breast cancer in men is 1 in 833 people.

Conferring to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, it assessed that in 2020; In the United States, 2,620 men diagnosed with breast cancer, and approximately 520 men die from it.

Breast cancer rate by country:


1 Belgium 113.2

2 Luxembourg 109.3

3 Netherlands 105.9

4 France 99.1

5 New Caledonia 98.0

6 Lebanon 97.6

7 Australia 94.5

8 United Kingdom 93

9 Italy 92.0

10 New Zealand 92.7

Five methods to reduce the risk of breast cancer:

There is no specific reason for the onset of breast cancer and how to prevent it, but with several things you could lower your risk of breast cancer.

Being overweight or obese can make breast cancer more likely. It is, therefore, an essential and first step in maintaining and balancing a healthy lifestyle.

Exercising regularly reduces the chances of developing breast cancer and other diseases.

They know what they’re saying, “The key to a healthy life is to keep moving.” Sitting less and moving more reduces your risk of breast cancer.

Excessive drinking and smoking also increases the chances of other cancers. Not more than 1 alcohol a day is good for the body.

Limit hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which increases the risk of breast cancer after 4 years. Therefore, use the lowest dose and for a short time if you decide to take HRT.

Breast cancer prevention begins with healthy habits of eating healthy, staying active, reducing alcohol consumption and smoking.

“Spread the word, spread knowledge, increase awareness.”

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