8 Tips For Preparing Your Deck For Summer 2021

8 Tips For Preparing Your Deck For Summer 2021

The rain is pouring less and less; the winds are going warm, and the sun is showing up more and more! You already know what this means. Summer is just right around the corner! With summer come fun outdoor activities like barbecues, pool parties, and the anticipated Fourth of July fireworks! However, we are still just about to recover from the pandemic. Therefore, we will probably use up our backyards or our decks more, because it is safer. Before you plan about those, is your deck summer-ready? If not, we think you found the right article! Today, we will talk about the tips for prepping your backyard for summer! Check this out!

  •  Secure the furniture

How will you hang out on your deck, enjoying the clear day if you do not have anywhere to sit? If you are still about to set up your deck, you must first secure your furniture and how you can sit and chill in your deck. The key to getting the right furniture is to know your location. Does it rain often in your place? Is it frequently cold? Or is it usually hot? The material of your furniture will depend on these. You should also match your furniture with your lifestyle. If you love spending time alone with just a drink at your deck, then maybe a small foldable table and an outdoor cushion storage bench will do. If you love barbecues with family and friends, then get a bigger table and more chairs!

  •  Wash your deck

Before hitting summer and enjoying the outdoors, we think it is best to wash your decks first. This will help you know the next thing you need to do. Of course, after hitting summer and spring (or it depends which state you are staying in), your deck must be in a mess. Do some sweeping in your deck and fix any nails or screws that are sticking out. Use pressurized water to wash away the dirt from your deck. This is more efficient than just mopping your deck. Be careful with the pressure you apply because too much pressure might damage your wood. You will see how much dirt is left or how much coating you need to apply once it has dried up.

After this, you can clean your deck more deeply with a special solution. A good deck cleaner is important because it will provide a good base for your paint. If you are thinking about opting for an all-purpose bleach for your deck, we suggest you stop it because this might be too tough on your deck and may ruin your garden’s ecosystem. Always remember that your deck is connected to your garden soil. Use a water-based cleaner that is also biodegradable.

  • Apply sealant

Do not forget to apply coating on your deck. Reseal your deck with a decking stain, coating, or oil. Sealants are important to protect your deck from becoming damaged by moisture. Applying coating will help your deck become waterproof with its water repellent properties. Sealants will also add color to your deck. It will help protect the deck from harmful UV rays. Some coatings also have anti-slip features that will keep you and your family safe, especially if you have little kids. After applying your sealant, do not forget to stay out of it for 2 days.

  • Clean your griller

Who would want to eat barbecue from a filthy griller? Clean your griller thoroughly if you have an upcoming barbecue. Clean off garden debris, dust, grime, and insects that may have infested your barbecue. Just because you will heat this, that does not mean it will become clean and disinfected. Check out the gas fittings, too, to ensure your safety.

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  • Secure lighting

Summer is more enjoyable during the night. You can revamp your deck even by just upgrading your lighting. It would not have been a fun night if you cannot see, would it? If you want something fancy, try installing sconce lighting at the sides of your house. You can also install fairy lights or Christmas lights on your deck. We recommend you use solar-charged batteries for your lights. This way, wirings, and electrical cords would no longer be your problem.

  • Install more plants and trees

If you want natural shades and a more refreshing yard, install more plants and trees. Trees can also help with providing shade to your house and helping your indoors cool down a bit. Choose deciduous trees if you are going to plant one to help with the shade. Having more greens will also make your deck more relaxing. More than this, your garden will be more aesthetically pleasing with nicely placed plants. Some plants can also add fragrance to your deck and can even help control mosquitoes.

  • Mow your grass

Keep your lawn healthy by mowing your grass. Just remember to not cut more than a third of your grass’s height. Mowing too much of your grass will damage the grass. Mowing will also help your grass become stronger because it will strengthen the roots. We also suggest that during the summer, it is best to adjust your lawnmower and raise its cutting height. This will keep your soil moist because the grass gives it efficient shade.

  • Aerate your lawn

Do not forget to aerate your lawn. This might sound like a chore but this will help your grass grow better and survive the summer. It allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to enter your grassroots more effectively. This will make the roots in your lawn healthier and lusher. If you live in a location where your grasses thrive in warm seasons, it is best to do this during spring. If your grass is for the cool season, do it in autumn. Repeat this every one to three years. If your grass has high traffic, you might aerate it more frequently.

Keep safe with family and friends

Here are just some things that you need to do to prep your yard for the summer. Now that you are all set, you can now enjoy spending time with your loved ones. Just do not forget to always be careful, especially as we are still in the process of recovery because of the pandemic. For more deck inspiration, you may check out Storables online!

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