8 Storage and Decoration Tips for Small Bedrooms

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We all have our busy days, busy with so much work, meeting with colleagues, attending to different events, and attending to different responsibilities. And the only thing that we would want after a long day is to stay in our bedrooms where we can lie down all night. And for us to be more relaxed, we would want our rooms to have their calm and comforting ambiance. So for us to do that, we should spend some time rearranging our bedrooms in such a way that it can make us feel comfortable.

In this article, we will tackle a few bedroom storage ideas and other decoration tips that can inspire us to work on those thoughts of reorganizing our bedrooms. These tips can make it a space of calmness, a space where we can doze off for hours after a long day and our comfort zone. This will definitely affect our mood for tomorrow’s challenge. After all, isn’t it nice to wake up with everything around you in an orderly arrangement? Listed here are some tips to make that little space of yours bigger and cozier.

  •  Choose A Bed Frame with Storage

In maximizing your bedroom space, it is always best to choose a bed frame with underneath storage. It will help you in decluttering closets because you can place stuff under the bed with the use of storage bags or rolling storage which you can find online. These storage bags will help you store towels, bedsheets, pillows, books, linens, children’s toys, and blankets accordingly. Just make sure to categorize the storage based on the items and regularly clean the space under the bed and free from dust and cockroaches.

  •  Pick Out Bright Colors To Make Rooms Bigger

Choosing brighter and lighter colors would always make the room look brighter, livelier, and so much bigger. It has that calming effect on our spirit and mind and will make us feel more optimistic. Dark colors make the rooms smaller and can absorb light. Therefore, light colors are the best, because they can also affect our moods and energy. Mixing out a lot of different colors can make the room appear disorderly. Best to choose off–white, light green, or beige. Choosing light colors can add up to peaceful surroundings.

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  •  Go For Curtains That Are Floor Length

Curtains that are best to use for small bedrooms are those which are lengthy because they make the room appear bigger and higher. Besides that, not only floor-length curtains but also lighter ones because it gives your bedroom a wider look and helps you control light. Another tip is to make sure that your curtain rods are higher to make it look taller and it should be wider than the window.

Fish Tank

While not a piece of furniture, technically, a red sea max nano aquarium is a wonderful addition to make to your home and one that will help you to relax and unwind. It is no secret that fish tanks are very relaxing. The slow whirr of their motors; the fish gracefully swimming back and forth through the tank, what’s not to love? Fish tanks are a great investment and can provide you with companionship. Fish tanks come in all shapes and sizes – for your first tank, you may want to start out small, rather than investing in a huge tank off the bat. A fish tank can also provide a nice centerpiece for your living room or hallway.

  • Keep Your Own Things In Order

When you have a small bedroom, it doesn’t mean that you cannot keep a lot of things, you just have to keep them in order. You may try to give some of your free time to decluttering and disposing of things that you no longer need. It not only saves space, but it also makes the room look cleaner because the more things that are not in their proper storage, the messier it looks. Also, apart from making it appear to look bigger, it will begin to look like a minimalist kind of room, just get those junks out of your room and keep the only things that should be seen inside a bedroom and keep it light as always.

  • Using Multi-Functional Furniture Is A Plus

This is very famous in the living room but don’t you know that this can also be done for smaller rooms? Like a sofa bed, after your friend comes by for a small chit-chat and it’s nighttime, you can convert it to a bed. A chest can be used as a storage space or a coffee table. So, you can try a piece of multifunctional furniture, it not only saves some space, but it makes your bedroom space loftier.

  • Invest in Multi-Purpose Loft Bed

Building or investing in a loft bed is actually a space saver because you have a bed on top and a workplace or a living room area in one. This is highly recommended for a one-bedroom apartment. Remember, this is not just for a child’s bedroom, this is fit for all ages because you get to maximize your space. A very practical idea and stylish too!

  • Placing A Door Hook

It is one of the most practical ways of saving some space because these are a lot cheaper. Whenever you need to place your pants or trousers or jackets or even umbrellas and bags, you can just hang them on your door. It is indeed a space–saver and you don’t have to worry about bags messing up on the floor or under the table because you can add up other things on that space.

  • Shelves on the Walls

It is best to take advantage of using your walls as a perfect spot for your bookshelf or storage where you can hang some of your accessories or those small plants of yours which can make the room lighter and alive. You can also add some photos or your favorite decoration. This adds up to lovelier surroundings. It makes your bedroom more personal and touchy.


There we have it, eight storage and decoration tips for small bedrooms. You may try to read more tips to make your bedroom more stylish, organized, and cozy by visiting Storables.com. They have a lot of wacky ideas that are suitable for you, your personality, and your lifestyle. Keep your imagination running and make an act of it so that you can have the space of yours a haven of serenity. Remember, this might change your outlook in life every day because a cleaner and cozier space is conducive to happier days ahead.

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