What You Need to Know About Movantik

What You Need to Know About Movantik

There are many great medications that you can use to combat the negative side effects of taking opioids. One of the more unpleasant side effects that you might have to deal with is constipation. You have a number of different options when it comes to medications that will relieve constipation caused by taking opioids. Movantik is one of these options. Here is what you should know about Movantik when choosing medication to take care of opioid-induced constipation.

How Does Movantik Work?

It is important to start off by discussing exactly how Movantik works. Movantik works by blocking opioids from attaching to ‘mu-receptors’ and these mu-receptors are located in your intestines. As a result, Movantik is directly affecting the area where opioid-induced constipation is causing the most problems. Thanks to this design, you can enjoy efficient relief and you will once again have the ability to have normal bowel movements. Movantik tab 25mg is one medication for this issue.

What to Tell Your Healthcare Provider Before You Take Movantik

You should talk to your healthcare provider and inform them of any medical conditions that you have prior to taking Movantik. A few examples of such medical conditions are liver problems, kidney issues, intestinal issues, or if you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant. Some of the intestinal issues that you should mention to your healthcare provider are Ogilvie’s syndrome, Crohn’s disease, stomach ulcers, and stomach cancer. You should also tell them about bowel cancer or diverticulitis. There is more that you should let your healthcare provider know about, too.

It is important that you tell your healthcare provider about every single kind of medicine you regularly take. This includes both prescription medication in addition to over-the-counter medication, as well. Even herbal supplements and vitamins that you take are relevant when talking to your healthcare provider. All of these can influence how Movantik tab 25mg works for you.

What Is The Proper Way to Take Movantik?

The first tip is that you should take Movantik in the way that your healthcare provider instructs you to, following these instructions exactly. More specifically, taking whatever dose of Movantik your healthcare provider prescribes for you once a day is the best way to do it. It is important you take this dose when your stomach is empty and a minimum of one hour before you eat the day’s first meal. Generally, you take Movantik by swallowing the tablets whole.

What If You Cannot Swallow Whole Movantik Tablets?

If you are unable to swallow whole Movantik tablets, you should first crush the Movantik tablet until it is a powder. After that, put the proper dose of Movantik in a glass that contains 120 milliliters or four ounces of water. You should then stir and swallow the mixture immediately. Pour an additional four ounces of water into the glass and drink it immediately. This ensures that you have taken your entire dose of Movantik.

What Should You Avoid While on Movantik?

The only thing that you should definitely avoid during Movantik treatment is grapefruit. You should not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice while on Movantik. This can cause problems while you are taking Movantik tab 25mg.

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