What Is It and How Do Fix [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] Error Codes:


What Is It and How Do Fix [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] Error Codes:

Did you not affect an error code [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c]? We appreciate the possibility of an identification problem and the problem of an error with the [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c]. Did it matter if you couldn’t send or receive email through Outlook? This is a serious problem for any Outlook user. So everyone is looking for methods to resolve [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] as quickly as possible. The main potential errors can be the system restart, account management license, and scan management. Some explicit methods must be withdrawn despite the [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] error codes.

This article explains some important tips to help you troubleshoot Outlook [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] errors. When you try to send / receive an email, you get the following error messages: [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] error codes.


messages [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] are also due to one of the following details:

  1. You are not connected to the Net, or your mail server is temporarily unavailable.
  2. Your account settings are wrong
  3. Your user profile in Outlook has corrupted
  4. All email on your POP3 server is corrupted
  5. The antivirus software settings are incorrect
  6. Outlook Express has been removed from the computer.
  7. The configuration of your private firewall software is incorrect.


1. Check the internet connection

An interrupted internet connection can lead to [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] errors. Avoid low bandwidth internet connections and use a reliable source of internet connections on your system.

2. Avoid accessing suspicious emails

Emails or email attachments from unknown senders can pose a potential threat to your system. You can use a reliable antivirus to block external threats, or you can delete suspicious emails.

3. Check the antivirus settings

Check your antivirus for email scan settings. Some standard antivirus features or configuration changes can limit Outlook connectivity to the server. You can manually disable these features of your antivirus, or you can temporarily uninstall the antivirus from your computer.

  1. Reinstall Outlook

Reinstalling your Outlook client can resolve installation errors [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] and common software problems. In the event of an Outlook error, reinstalling the application is the preferred method to resolve the [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] problem.

5. Change the server timeout settings

You can manually increase the time it takes to establish a connection between your Outlook program and the server. Usually a shorter server timeout can cause [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] errors. Follow the instructions below to change the server timeout settings.

  1. Start Outlook and go to Files >> Information.
  2. Click Account Settings >> Account Settings.
  3. Select the destination POP3 account and click the Change button.
  4. In the Change Account window, click Additional Settings.
  5. Switch to the Advanced tab and extend the server timeout.
  6. Delete or move the emails from the Outlook folder.

Data overload can be the cause of Outlook malfunction. Delete unnecessary files from the Outbox and Trash folders to optimize the performance of your Outlook application.

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7. Fix PST corruption with third-party tools

In case Outlook PST is corrupt or damaged, you can always look for third-party resources to fix [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] problem. In this context, we recommend the Kernel for PST Repair tool to save time.

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is an effective tool that enables users to fix all [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] problems associated with PST file corruption. The file size is unlimited. You can even recover inaccessible attachments from your Outlook emails. Install the trial version to check the functions.

Conclusion on error code [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c]

This [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] troubleshooting guide walks you through the most common categories of [pii_pn_42adfa766f7bdd9c] errors, how they occur, and how to fix the error so your email can forwarded.

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