Top 9 Home Beauty Habits

Top 9 Home Beauty Habits (1)

Beauty Habits isn’t only genetics, but also a lot of hard work. As Coco Chanel said, “At 20, nature gives you a face, at 30 life sculpts it, but at 50 you have the face you deserve.” A few simple Beauty Habits will take no over a minute each, letting you save time for playing at Bizzo Casino or having some minutes for a workout, but your face and body will thank you for them.

Change Your Pillowcase More Often

We spend about a third of our time sleeping, and our face is on our pillow. If you change your bedding every 10-14 days, imagine the amount of dust, sebum, and sweat that accumulates on your pillowcase. It’s also a breeding ground for bacteria. This causes inflammation on the beauty habits, which can easily be avoided. We advise you to buy an extra pillowcase when you buy a set of bed linens and change them every 2-3 days.

Clean Your skin not Only in the Evening but Also in the Morning

When we sleep, our skin accumulates a large amount of various impurities. Sebum, keratinized skin particles, dust, and perspiration are mixed with the rest of your night cream.

Imagine rinsing your face with plain water, applying your day cream on top and… You’ve sealed all the bacteria and keratinized particles on your skin! Unfortunately, this leads to early wrinkles that were easy to avoid. Start your morning not with a toner, but with a complete cleansing.

Use Paper or Disposable Face Towels

Reusable terry towels are a breeding ground for microorganisms. By wiping with such a towel for several days, and even as a family, you run the risk of getting germs on your skin that cause inflammation.

Keep disposable paper towels in the bathroom. A roll of kitchen paper towels will also work. Another option is a stack of small terry towels that you throw in the wash after each use.

Talking on the Phone Through Headphones

We rarely think about it, but our smartphone screens are a real bacteria hotbed. There are studies showing that there are 18 times more harmful germs on our phone than on the flush button in a public toilet! So try to keep your phone away from your face and wipe it down with antiseptic wipes more often. And to talk, use a headset.

Take Care of Your Neck and Decollete Area

Skin here is thin and dry; sweat glands are practically absent. Wrinkles appear early, and it’s almost impossible to eliminate them. So get a special quality product for the care of this particular area and use it daily.

Use a Scrub or Light Exfoliation Before Applying the Mask

A scrub deeply cleanses your face with fine abrasive particles. Peeling gels act through acids and also gently cleanse the skin, helping to regenerate it. The effect of the mask, if applied to prepared skin, will be many times stronger.

Frequent Use of Hand Cream and Cuticle Oil

The hands give away a woman’s age and age first. But we don’t pay attention to them often. We do household chores without rubber gloves, don’t keep them warm in winter and forget to moisturize.

Spread hand creams around the house – in the bathroom, at the desk, in the kitchen, on the bedside shelf. You can never have too much hand moisturizer. And get some cuticle oil: it will keep your manicure much longer and give your hands a well-groomed look.

Do a Little Warm-up Every Hour

Beauty Habits especially if you work from home and don’t have an active lifestyle. Set a reminder on your phone and warm up at least once an hour. You can do 30 squats, a few stretching exercises, you can run around the apartment extra time with a vacuum cleaner, or do 20-30 twisting on the abs. Such small, but regular exercise will work wonders with your body!

Use Eye Patches Several Times a Week

Good patches deeply moisturize, nourish and tone the delicate skin under your eyes and have a cumulative effect. They smooth out fine lines and restore the water-lipid balance.

Extra Hacks for Summer Skin Care

In summer our skin is exposed to intensive influence of sun rays, wind, dirt and dust. Such factors have a negative impact on the main protective barriers of our skin – the hydrolipid mantle and the lipid layer.

In fact, these attacks are so aggressive that they can visually age a young, healthy skin in a matter of days. Because the skin is constantly under attack from the outside, it begins to actively secrete sebum, which, along with sweat, creates an environment conducive to the emergence and reproduction of harmful bacteria. This leads to oily shine, comedones, and inflammation.

Sunlight makes us more active in the production of vitamin D, which affects our whole body. What’s worse, overexposure to the sun can lead to skin conditions that may include skin cancer.

What Our Skin Has to Deal With in Summer

After colder periods, our skin is more exposed to the environment. You should therefore avoid the use of laundry soap and alcohol-based products, as this can make your skin uncomfortably tight and dry.

In summer, avoid products with a dense texture and switch to lighter products. This will help the skin breathe better and won’t provoke clogged pores. And of course, remember about creams with SPF – these products for beauty habits contain filters against UV radiation and protect our skin from the damaging effects. The minimum SPF level should be 30, and if you’re going to rest on the beach under the scorching sun, choose creams with a value of 50 or 100.

To escape from dust, sweat, and sebum, we thoroughly cleanse the skin in the morning and evening, getting rid of all impurities. Afterwards, be sure to tone and moisturize to avoid dehydration.

Products for Summer Care

The basic care should be chosen individually, but there are a few things that everyone should have in his or her summer cosmetic bag:

  • Moisturizing cream with a light texture for quality hydration.
  • Tonic toner with a mild composition, which evens out the pH of the skin after thorough cleansing and prepares it for further care.
  • Sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher. To help protect against direct sunlight.
  • A serum, cream, or spray with antioxidants. This will help protect your skin from free radicals and photoaging.

What to Consider When Deciding on the Ingredients of Skin Care Products?

When shopping for summer care products, avoid alcohol, retinol, and acids. Alcohol dries out already-damaged skin, while retinol and acids can increase skin sensitivity and lead to sunburn and pigmentation.

If you already have products that contain the above-mentioned ingredients, put them aside until winter, when they can be used freely.

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