Why is it so Difficult to Meditate? Is it easy to Meditate?


Meditate: What is it about something as simple as sitting and watching our breath that causes panic, fear and even hostility? No matter how many reports demonstrate the mental, emotional and physical value of silence, there seems to be an even greater number who refuse to try.

Meditation can certainly be a challenge, and even more so when we don’t know why we are doing it. It might seem very strange to sit there and hear the constant chatter going through our heads, and it’s easy to get bored if we don’t do anything for too long, even if it’s only 10 minutes.

Years of reach various reasons that why people find it hard to meditate, we’ve narrowed it down to a couple.

The Seven Most Popular Excuses not to Meditate:

1. I’m too busy.

I don’t have time, which can certainly be confirmed when you have young children and a full-time job and all that that entails. However, we are only talking about 10 minutes a day. Most of us spend more time reading the newspaper or surfing the Internet unnecessarily. It seems like we don’t have time as we usually fill every moment with activity and never hit the pause button.

2. I find it tight to sit still for too long

.Trying to sit cross-legged on the floor will make you uncomfortable. Instead, you can sit upright in a firm, comfortable chair. Or you can do walking meditation, yoga, or tai chi with the help of the Mindfulness app. Moving meditation can be just as useful as sitting.

3. My Mind won’t Stop Thoughtful:

I do not relax. I won’t meditate. My mind resolve not get quiet; it flies all over the place! My thoughts are driving me mad! I’m tiresome to get away from myself, not look inside. Sound familiar?

Surprisingly, trying to keep the mind from thinking is like trying to expect the wind. Incorrect teaching, the mind is viewed as a victim bitten by a scorpion, for like a monkey leaping from branch to branch, the mind leaps from one thing to another, is distracted and heard. If you also sit and try to listen to your mind, you find all of these manic relationships and lost being alert. It’s nothing new, only that you feel different now. You won’t know before you get involved that such chatter was so constant.

This experience that the mind is so important is quite normal. Someone has one that we think of over three hundred thoughts in a 30 minute meditation session. Years of political spirit, years of creating and playing drama, years of stress and confusion and self

Meditation Session

Centred and the mind has no idea how to be still. On the contrary, he longs for entertainment. It’s not that you can suddenly turn it off when you’re meditating. It just means you’re like everyone else.

The experience of the busy mind is quite normal. Someone once estimated that we could have over three hundred thoughts in a 30-minute meditation session. Years of busy mind, years of creating and sustaining drama, years of stress and confusion, and the mind has no idea how to be still. On the contrary, he longs for entertainment. It’s not that you can suddenly turn it off when you’re meditating. It just means you’re like everyone else.

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4. There are too many Distractions.

It’s too loud. Gone are the days when we disappeared into a cave and couldn’t be disturbed. Sometime later, we emerged fully enlightened. Instead, we must all grapple with the sounds and impositions of the world around us. But – and that’s a big one, but – we must not allow it to catch on. Cars pass outside? Good. Let them happen, but don’t go with them. The calm you seek is inside, not outside. The silence experience is cumulative: the more you sit down, the slower, slower the mind becomes calmer, more joyful, regardless of the distraction.

5. I don’t see the benefits.

Unfortunately, you have to take our word for it here. Some people understand how helpful meditate is after just one session, but most of us take longer – you may notice a difference after a week or maybe two of the daily exercises. That said, you need to trust the process enough to stay there and move on before you even reap the benefits.

Keep in mind that music has to be played for hours to get the right notes, while in Japan it can take 12 years to learn how to organize flowers. Being is still happening in a moment, but it may take a while for that moment to come – hence the need for patience.

6. I’m not good at this;

I never really understand. It is impossible to fail in meditation. Even if you sit for 20 minutes and keep thinking meaningless thoughts, that’s okay. There is no right or wrong, and there is no specific technique. Deb’s reflexion teacher told her that there are as many forms of meditation as there are people who practice it. All you have to do is find the path that works for you (even if you prefer to do it backwards) and stick to it.

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