How to Build a  Body Skincare Routine

How to Build a  Body Skincare Routine (1)

We quite often care more about our face skin routine and neglect our body care. Even if our body seems to be less exposed to air pollution and sun than our face, it also needs appropriate care.  Luckily, the proper body skincare routine can be quite simple, affordable yet effective. With minimized efforts, you won’t need extra hours to follow complicated routines every day, but can easily enjoy gambling at Bob Casino or other activities, spend time with your loved ones, go to work, and make some simple body skin procedures part of your life.

Simply put, the key to healthy skin is being systematic with important stages of regular body skin care. Body skin can also have pimples, and irritations, look dull, and saggy, and be prone to aging and getting infections. So, it is not just about maintaining natural beauty but taking care of your overall health. Special attention should be paid to this issue if you live in a big city (where there is a lot of traffic and exhaust fumes) if you exercise actively, and if you constantly use tap water. All these are unfavorable conditions that worsen the condition and appearance of the skin.

Step 1: Wash your body

The first step is gently cleansing the skin, preparing it for the application of nutrients and moisturizers. We usually clean the skin with shower gel and soap. However, many people complain of dryness, irritation, itching, and a feeling of tightness of the skin after the use of shower gels. Most often this is due to aggressive surfactants in the composition of the means, for example, sodium lauryl sulfate significantly worsens the condition of the skin and can be the root cause of allergic reactions.

Usually, such shower gels with aggressive surfactants form a very thick foam, and we have an illusion we get our body skin cleaner, but it is not so. Therefore, you should choose sulfate-free products to gently cleanse your skin, which do not make your skin dry or cause allergies and itching. If your skin is normal or oily, you should choose a deep cleansing body wash. A gentle body cleanser must also contain moisturizing ingredients (argan oil, shea butter, avocado oil, ceramides) and don’t have alcohol.

Step 2: Exfoliate the dead skin with a peel or scrub

Our body and skin do not need this step every day: it is enough to do it once a week. You can exfoliate your skin with a body scrub or peeling. The first contains fairly hard particles, suitable for dense oily skin without acne inflammation. The second will suit everyone else, they work more gently, but from this no less thoroughly. Choose peelings with beta or alpha hydroxy acids, because they perfectly cope with their task. A daily massage of body oil or body butter or an occasional exfoliation routine for the entire body keeps your skin healthy.

The accumulated dead scales make the skin dull, unsmooth, and flaky. The skin is constantly undergoing a process of renewal, and keratinized scales should be removed regularly, otherwise, they can cause irritations and inflammatory processes. In addition, visually it is not noticeable, but they also do not allow normal absorption and act as intended cosmetic preparations.

Exfoliation improves regeneration and triggers renewal processes. Only be sure to use soft, gentle products designed specifically for the skin of the body. It is better to use peels with fruit acids (citric, malic, tartaric, almond, lactic, etc.) and/or enzyme-based products (papaya, bromelain, rice enzymes, etc.). The natural glow, as a result, promotes your mental health as you feel pampered, happy, and more confident about your body. If you regularly shave your legs, then it is better to exfoliate your skin first: this step lessens the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs. By the way, you can also make your scrub using sugar or coffee as a basic exfoliant.

Step 3: Moisturize your body’s skin

After washing, we always put a crème on the face, and after showering, we should always put milk, cream, or mousse that suits your skin type. The skin of any type, dry, oily, normal, or problematic – it is always mandatory to moisturize. This applies to absolutely everyone: women, men, and children. And the point here is not only that poorly moisturized skin looks unfavorable, but it is also unable to fully perform its protective functions. In the absence of a normal hydrolipidic balance, the outer layers of the skin weaken and can no longer normally resist the effects of the environment, which is often unfavorable and even aggressive.

Good quality body skin care products will always contain moisturizing and nourishing elements such as natural oils and plant extracts. If your body is dry, take a look at the creams with jojoba, shea, and olive oil.

Step 4: Use the SPF tanning product

Apply the finishing touches.  A good sunscreen is essential to protect your body from the sun. Apply it thirty minutes before you step out  so that the composition is properly absorbed and began its effect on the skin. Moreover, it is necessary to treat not only burned areas but the whole body completely. After swimming, reapply the cream, and while you are on the beach – repeat the procedure every two hours.


There are some additional body skincare steps to follow if you want to get the most out of your regular body skincare routine. Use for five minutes a day a dry body brush to give a light massage to your body with circular motions and encourage blood circulation and use a feet scrub for your feet. To keep your skin healthy, it is also essential to drink enough water and keep your diet healthy and enriched with vitamins. So, it is clear that you should not skip any of the steps of basic skin care.

As already mentioned above, the key to healthy body skin is discipline. Regardless of whether you take care of your body at home or turn to professionals, the rules are the same. You don’t need to buy numerous skin care products – less is more, you need four body skin care products, the cleanser, the scrub, the moisturizer, and the sunscreen. All stages of body skin care should be performed regularly, and then the skin of your body will have an attractive appearance and cease to be covered with rashes. Get started with your body skincare right away, it is not complicated, but you just need to start!

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