Eye Lashes Extensions Pros and Cons

Eye Lashes Extension

As a victim of specific eye lashes, I was also curious about eyelash extensions. Today, it is the new beauty trend among women. They love wings because they make the eyelashes extensions look thicker and thicker, and mascara is no longer needed. I love the no-makeup look, and these eyelash extensions give me a perfect makeup-free look. A common question that should come to mind is whether eyelash extensions are healthy or not. Or is it worth the time and money?

In my opinion, they are perfectly healthy and well worth the time and effort. I have wearing extensions for five years. I wake up in the morning and start my day makeup-free and still look fresh and beautiful. It makes my eyes look natural and strengthens my overall personality. Also increases my self-confidence.

In this article, I am going to mention everything you want to know about eyelash extensions. I will share my experience and give you maintenance tips.


Different types of eyelash extensions

How time-consuming will it take to complete the process?

How much is it?

Are they painful?

How long does it take?

Is the treatment safe and healthy?

Is It Safe To Use Mascara With An Eyelash Extension?

What are the aftercare tips for eyelash extensions?

The latest expansion trend

Different types of eyelash extensions

There are a variety of material and buckle options: mink, silk, cashmere, synthetic silk, fax mink, etc. The important thing is to match the color of the extension and your natural lashes. Your eyelash stylist will tell you to find the best look for you.

How Time-Consuming does it take to completes?

It all takes about 90 minutes. Make sure to visit the salon every 2-3 weeks. These are necessary to repair the sessions. 6mm is minimum and 18mm is the maximum lash length. They are attached to the base of the natural eyelashes.

How much does it Cost?

It depends on where you live and the experience of the technician. It costs around $ 200 to $ 400 and touch-up sessions cost around $ 70 to $ 150.

Are they Painful?

I was terrified of the treatment. I was concerned every time I thought about the pliers. When treatment started, I was not uncomfortable with my eyes closed.

How time-consuming does it take?

They last up to six to eight weeks. We throw around 20 eyelashes a week.

Is the Treatment Safe and Healthy?

I have had perfect experiences with eyelash extensions. But after experiencing the world, I have heard the worst stories from many people. Serious consequences have occurred for several reasons. Use cheap materials and tools, inexperienced technicians, unsanitary living room, etc.

Is it Safe to use Mascara with an Eyelash Extension?

I find that it is not necessary to use mascara, eyeliner or eyelash curler. It saves a lot of time in the morning. But if you want to use mascara, make sure it is a water-based mascara that contains vitamin B5. This mascara should be formulated for easy removal so that it does not stick to the lashes.

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What are the Aftercare Tips for Eyelash extension?

Keep them for the first 24 to 48 hours. It can weaken the bond of the glue and eyelashes.

Do not use oil-based products.

Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara as it is difficult to remove.

Do not use cotton, it may catch eyelashes.

Use a silk pillowcase

The Latest Expansion Trend

Usually, women opt for black or colour extensions on the upper lashes, but these days the lower lash extensions are gaining popularity. It makes the eyes appear larger and balances the upper lashes. I want lower eyelashes myself. I’ll share my experiences in the next post.

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