How Can I Keep My Blood Pressure Under Control When Pregnant?

Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure during pregnancy poses a risk to both mother and baby, reason enough to keep it properly treated, a specialist said.

Hypertension during pregnancy should be treated immediately by a doctor. Symptoms include swelling of the feet and hands, headaches, ringing in the ears, and even seeing ” stars”

To detect arterial hypertension during pregnancy, several measurements must be carried out during a month: if the levels are higher than 140/90 millimeters of mercury, there is hypertension, specifies the expert.

Some Important Steps You Can Take To Avoid Hypertension During Pregnancy Include:

Understand The Common Pressure Levels

Pregnant women should record their blood pressure to be aware of and measure how much it fluctuates through their pregnancy.

Limit Salt Consumption

While some salt intake is important, aim to keep it as low as possible because an increase in sodium is connected with an increased risk of hypertension. Salt can be replaced with lemon juice, herbs, pepper, and other seasonings. Also, avoid eating packaged meals because they contain a lot of salt, which is bad for you.

Increase Your Intake Of Whole Grains And Potassium-Rich Meals.

 Go bananas on… well, bananas, but not just bananas. Sweet potatoes, prunes, raisins, kidney beans, tomatoes, and other potassium-rich foods can help you reduce your blood pressure. Whole grains, which are high in dietary fiber, have been demonstrated in studies to help lower blood pressure. Consume beans, veggies, protein, and healthy grains to keep your energy levels up. For breakfast, for example, you may have a mixed vegetable omelet with whole-grain bread and a side of fruit.

Don’t Take Stress

Stress is our number one adversary when it comes to our health. To avoid health issues, a woman should maintain her calm during her pregnancy, since this is highly likely to create anxiety, depression, and postpartum depression. It’s also harmful to your gestational hypertension. Meditate, perform breathing exercises like bhramari pranayam, pregnant yoga, and so on.

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Check Your Weight Regularly

While you may be advised to eat for two (you and your baby), don’t overeat. You don’t have to take it so seriously that you wind up accumulating a massive amount of weight, which is quite unhealthy for you. The weight would increase during pregnancy and therefore, you must control your eating habits to prevent extra weight gain.

Follow Medication Protocol.

 If you’ve been recommended to take any drugs, it’s critical that you follow the instructions and take them on time. Also, hypertension can be a side effect of some medications. So, see your doctor find out what is safe to take while pregnant.

No Smoking Or Alcohol.

This goes without saying, but avoiding smoking and drinking throughout your pregnancy is critical for your baby’s safety and wellness. Furthermore, both drinking and cigarette smoking can raise blood pressure. So, if you’re still smoking while pregnant, talk to your doctor about developing a stop plan.

Try Controlled Breathing:

Deep breathing is a popular relaxation technique that helps reduce your stress level and stabilize your blood pressure.

Also, every time you take a deep breath, the well-oxygenated blood goes to all the cells of the body.

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