How to do Balayage Hair Extension Blend With Black Hair

Balayage Hair Extension

Balayage hair extension are becoming increasingly popular for a good reason. However, I am sure that if you have dark hair, you are probably wondering whether to buy balayage hair extensions. The answer is yes. With dark hair, you don’t always need to buy black hair extensions. Take your chance and experiment with colour without altering your natural hair.

What are Balayage Hair Extensions?

The name scanning comes from a French word that means “scanning“. Balayage hair extensions are a type of hair extension that gradually highlights the dye to make it look natural. However, not all ends in the balayage hair extension are affected. But don’t confuse balayage with ombre hair extensions.

Ombre hair extensions have the same coloring technique as balayage with a slight difference. With ombre hair extensions, all ends are affected. More importantly, the transition from deep colour to light is pretty short compared to balayage. Let’s look at some examples of scan extensions available in the market today.

Balayage Hair Extensions That Combine Well With Black Hair

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1. Dark Brown Balayage

If you’re in the mood for a natural, sunny hairstyle all year round, dark brown balayage is for you. The best thing about this clip is that it pairs perfectly with your dark hair. The dark brown balayage also gives you the long hair you’ve always wanted.

2. Balayage Mochachino Brown

Balayage Mochaccino Brown is another clip-in extension that will make your hair look longer and fuller. Once you add this clip, your hair will look healthy. Fingers in the nose! Mochaccino Brown balayage is the undisputed winner in hair transformations.

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3. Medium Brown Balayage

This hair extension is perfect for bringing out that effect of long hair with a color change that always looks classy. Dark hair is ideal for this medium brown balayage extension. With this addition, you can now focus on colours that will brighten your face when choosing your makeup carefree. Elastic edges are a plus for this look.

Hair extension equipment of natural hair. hair samples of different colors

4. Balayage Brown / Honey Blonde

Finally, the balayage brown/honey blonde. Most people are sceptical of this colour, but I can assure you that the result is worth it. This color will easily complement your skin tone while enhancing your eyes at the same time. Even if you opt for these blonde hair extensions, you can still keep a soft and subtle look. All it takes is the core to experiment with different colors.

Where can I find the Ideal Balayage Hair Extensions?

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